1st Edition

Globalization, Urbanization, and Civil Society A Non-Western Critique

By Bagoes Wiryomartono Copyright 2023
    232 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Globalization, Urbanization, and Civil Society is an interdisciplinary compilation of chapters concerning civil society in the global geopolitical context.

    The establishment of civil society is essential for urbanism and the global community because it is the sense and essence of development concerning what humankind is, as a collective entity on the globe. This thought-provoking book covers the multidimensional aspects, issues, challenges, and consequences of geopolitics and globalization on civil society, including freedom in the public sphere, alienation, neo-fascism, social cohesion, racial inequality, political narcissism, political-economic exceptionalism, Islamic radicalism, social justice, and resistance. The author brings a fresh and essentially non-Western critical perspective to bear on the fundamental challenges faced by civil society as a result of the globalization of corporate capitalism in the Digital Age, as well as providing a rich perspective on colonialism.

    This book will appeal to scholars and graduate students of geopolitics and globalization, global development, sociology, international relations, cultural studies, psychology, and philosophy, as well as practitioners and policymakers who are interested in interdisciplinary approaches in the field of global studies.


    1. Urbanism in the Age of Globalization: Home and Social Bond

    2. Public Sphere and the Question of Political Power in the Age of Digital Information Technology

    3. Alienation and Urban Globalization: A Consequence of Modern Existential Addiction?

    4. American Fascism in the Age of Globalization: The Specter After Trump’s Presidency 2016–2020

    5. Shame and Disgrace in Politics: Donald Trump’s American Presidency 2016–2020

    6. Racial Inequality and Corporate Capitalism After George Floyd’s Killing: Political Economy in Contemporary America

    7. Anthropological and Archeological Museum and Otherness: Past and Present

    8. Geopolitics, Cultural Heritage, and Islam: Hagia Sophia

    9. Islam, Hegemony, and Modernity: Religious Fascism and Radicalism of Contemporary Muslims in Indonesia



    Bagoes Wiryomartono is an independent scholar in Toronto, Canada. His teaching and research focus on the history, theory, and design of urbanism of various cultures and traditions in Southeast Asia and North America. Recent titles include Architectural Humanities: Divulging Knowledge, Ethics, and Aesthetics of the Built Environment and Habitation (2021); Traditions and Transformations of Habitation in Indonesia (2020); and Livability and Sustainability of Urbanism (2019).