1st Edition

Globalization and Governance in India

Edited By Jivanta Schottli, Himanshu Jha Copyright 2023

    This volume examines the tangled relationship between globalization and governance through the lens of India’s domestic politics, structures, institutions and policies. The contributors to this volume draw attention to the interconnectedness of global and domestic processes. In doing so, this volume also captures the evolving dynamics of state-society-market relations. A unique blend of papers, the collection brings out the complex interplay and interconnections between global trends, domestic politics and governance challenges in explaining both the persistence of policy reforms, as well as institutional change. In this light, the volume examines the role of socio-political processes and key actors at the domestic level; how they have negotiated global norms, pressures and opportunities resulting in durable policies and institutions.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has yet again brought the focus back to the significance and interconnectedness of globalization and governance. This volume will contribute to a deeper understanding of these twin processes through thematic discussions on embedded liberalism of the Indian state; transnationalisation of India’s economic elites; exploring the role of global-local linkages in the transparency laws; strategic internationalization and the politics of reform; the global success of micro-credit and its domestic manifestation; and the resilience and durability of the ‘Indian way' of governing globalization. This book was originally published as a special issue of the India Review.

    1. Introduction: Globalization and change in India

    Rahul Mukherji

    2. India Inc. and globalization: The rise of neo-liberalism and a transnational managerial elite?

    Jivanta Schottli and Markus Pohlmann

    3. Untangling global-local linkages: The case of the Right to Information Act in India

    Himanshu Jha

    4. A theory of reform consolidation in India: From crisis-induced reforms to strategic internationalization

    Aseema Sinha

    5. Market for 33 percent interest loans: Financial inclusion and microfinance in India

    Markus Pauli

    6. Uncertain India? Deepening globalization, unanticipated consequences and the challenge of sustainability

    Subrata K. Mitra


    Jivanta Schottli is Assistant Professor in Indian Politics at the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University, Ireland. Her research focuses on Indian foreign policy and global politics. Publications include Maritime Governance in South Asia (Ed.); Power, Politics and Maritime Governance in the Indian Ocean (Ed); Vision and Strategy in Indian Politics.

    Himanshu Jha is an Associate Professor at the School of Liberal Studies at UPES, India. Himanshu works in the field of political science and public policy. He is the author of Capturing Institutional Change: The Case of the Right to Information Act in India, 2020. Prior to joining UPES, he taught in the Department of Political Science at the South Asia Institute (SAI), Heidelberg University, Germany. Himanshu is now a member of the SAI.