1st Edition

Globalization of Business Practice and Theory

By Erdener Kaynak, Abbas J Ali Copyright 2000

    Create a successful strategy for competition in the global marketplace!

    Globalization of Business: Practice and Theory will give executives and business students a current, in-depth look at ways to become globally competitive in today's complex market. This essential guide offers you insight into issues every global businessperson needs to understand, such as the practice and theory of globalization, the nature of the global business environment, the roles of global corporations, strategic approaches for global business, and global leadership.

    By identifying competitive and innovative practices, networks, and alliances, Globalization of Business will help you become a successful leader in the global business community. This vital book contains new and updated information to help you and your company play a profitable and integral part in the international marketplace.

    Comprehensive and thorough, Globalization of Business will assist you in understanding the significance and challenges of globalization for today's companies. Using proven research and actual strategies of top corporations, this reference covers pertinent information about the global context of business. This book:

    • explores the world's current economic, cultural, technological, and environmental affairs
    • examines competitiveness at national and firm levels and outlines steps that competitive organizations undertake to sustain their advantage
    • discusses and analyzes strategies for effective business performance
    • identifies the roles of CEOs and gives a framework for identifying global managers
    • evaluates the prospects for sustaining global leadership and shows the differences between global leadership and hegemony
    • outlines the necessary steps for creating an integrated global economy
    Covering general and specific issues, this guide explains assumptions and theories of globalization in order to help you approach global issues with flexibility, attentiveness, and confidence. Globalization of Business will enable you to avoid common pitfalls and build a successful global firm that will benefit the entire business community.

    Preface and Acknowledgments, Chapter 1. The Theory and Practice of Globalization, Chapter 2. Global Business Environment, Chapter 3. Globalization Discourse, Chapter 4. Globalization Dimensions, Chapter 5. Globalization and Regionalism, Chapter 6. Global Corporations, Chapter 7. Structuring Global Organizations, Chapter 8. Global Strategies, Chapter 9. Globalization and Competitiveness, Chapter 10. Global Managers, Chapter 11. Global Leadership, Chapter 12. Global Backlash, Bibliography, Index


    Abbas J Ali, Erdener Kaynak