1st Edition

Globalizing Feminist Bioethics Crosscultural Perspectives

    382 Pages
    by Routledge

    383 Pages
    by Routledge

    Globalizing Feminist Bioethics is a collection of new essays on the topic of international bioethics that developed out of the Third World Congress of the International Association of Bioethics in 1996. Rosemarie Tong is the primary editor of this collection, in which she, Gwen Anderson, and Aida Santos look at such international issues as female genital cutting, fatal daughter syndrome, use of reproductive technologies, male responsibility, pediatrics, breast cancer, pregnancy, and drug testing.

    * List of Figures and Tables * Acknowledgments * List of Acronyms * Introduction, Anne Donchin Part 1: Theoretical Perspectives * 1. Feminist Reflections on the Role of Theories in a Global Bioethics, Susan Sherwin * 2. Is a Global Bioethics Possible As Well As Desirable? A Millennial Feminist Response, Rosemarie Tong * 3. Feminism and Genetic Nursing: Globalizing Transdisciplinary Teams, Gwen W. Anderson, Rita Black Monsen, and Mary Varney Rorty * 4. Kagandahang Loob: A Filipino Concept of Feminine Bioethics, Leonardo D. de Castro * 5. Feminist Bioethics: The Emergence of the Oppressed, Debora Diniz and Ana Christina Gonz#135lez V#142lez Part 2: Reproductive, Genetic, and Sexual Health * 6. Shifts of Attention: The Experience of Pregnancy in Dualist and Nondualist Cultures, Vangie Bergum and Mary Ann Bendfeld * 7. Normalizing Reproductive Technologies and the Implications for Autonomy, Susan Sherwin * 8. Autonomy and Procreation: Brazilian Feminist Analyses, Jurema Werneck, Fernanda Carneiro, and Alejandra Ana Rotania with Helen B. Holmes and Mary R. Rorty * 9. Friendly Persuasion? Legislative Enforcement of Male Responsibility for Contraception, Naoko T. Miyaji * 10. So Bitter That No Words Can Describe It: Mainland Chinese Women's Moral Experiences and Narratives of Induced Abortion, Jing-Bao Nie * 11. Cultural Differences and Sex Selection, Mary Mahowald * 12. Fatal Daughter Syndrome, William M. Alexander * 13. Ethical Issues in Human Cloning: A Sartrean Perspective, Julien S. Murphy * 14. Maria's Desire: Considerations About a Moment of "Genetic Counseling" for Breast Cancer, Fernanda Carneiro and Roberto dos Santos Bartholo Junior * 15. Female Genital Circumcision and Conventionalist Ethical Relativism, Loretta M. Kopelman * 16. HIV/AIDS and Prostitution in Mainland China: A Feminist Perspective, Wang Jin-ling Part 3: Medical Research and Treatment * 17. Ways to Approach the Problem of Including Women in Clinical Drug Trials, Nadine Taub * 18. Globalization, Gender, and Research, Florencia Luna * 19. Realizing Justice in Health Research for Women: Reflections on Democratizing Decisionmaking, Lisa A. Eckenwiler * 20. What Can Survivors of Nazi Experiments Teach Us All? A Feminist Approach to a Problem with Global Implications, Carol Quinn * 21. Organ Transplantation and Community Values: Concerns of a Feminist Grief Counselor, Kathleen S. Kurtz * 22. Serving Nationalist Ideologies: Health Professionals and the Violation of Women's Rights: The Case of Apartheid South Africa, Jeanelle de Gruchy and Laurel Baldwin-Ragaven * Epilogue, Nancy M. Williams * About the Editors and Contributors * Index


    Rosemarie Putnam Tong