1st Edition

Globalizing Human Rights Emerging Issues and Approaches

Edited By Charles Anthony Smith Copyright 2014

    This collection presents a comprehensive engagement of issues of human rights in an increasingly globalized world. As the role of the rule of law has moved beyond the confines of the state and beyond the interactions of states, how and when law protects human rights has become a central issue of concern. These essays shed light on both the immediate and the long-term future of a variety of issues located at the intersection of globalized law and the protection of the rights of individuals. Here both top-down mechanisms and bottom-up mechanisms for the fulfilment of human rights are artfully explained. This volume presents frontiers of research in human rights in both substance and approach using a variety of methodologies to engage issues ranging from national court compliance, norm diffusion, and the role of the judiciary in fulfilling human rights to human trafficking, same-sex marriage, and judicial institution building through non-governmental organizations.

    This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of Human Rights.

    1. Introduction: Globalizing Human Rights  2. The Globalization of Law: Implications for the Fulfillment of Human Rights  3. Treaties, Constitutions, Courts, and Human Rights  4. Explaining Support for Human Rights Protections: A Judicial Role?  5. Human Trafficking and International Cheap Talk: The Dutch Government and the Island Territories  6. Judicialization of Politics in Europe: Keeping Pace with Strasbourg  7. Ideological Voting on Chile‚Äôs Constitutional Tribunal: Dissent Coalitions in the Adjudication of Rights  8. The Construction and Enactment of Same-Sex Marriage in Argentina  9. Judicial Institution Builders: NGOs and International Human Rights Courts


    Charles Anthony Smith is a professor at UC-Irvine. He is the author of The Rise and Fall of War Crimes Trials: from Charles I to Bush II (Cambridge University Press 2012) and has published articles in LSR, Journal of Human Rights, Human Rights Review, the IPSR, JIRD, Judicature among others.