1st Edition

Gödel 96: Logical Foundations of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics Lecture Notes in Logic 6

Edited By Petr Hajek Copyright 2001
    294 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    292 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    This volume contains the proceedings of the conference Logical Foundations of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics-Kurt Godel's Legacy, held in Brno, Czech Republic on the 90th anniversary of his birth. The wide and continuing importance of Godel s work in the logical foundations of mathematics, computer science, and physics is confirmed by the broad range of speakers who participated in making this gathering a scientific event.

    Preface -- Part I. Invited Papers -- Godel’s program for new axioms: Why, where, how and what? /@Solomon Feferman -- Infinite-valued Godel Logics with 0-1-Projections and Relativizations /@Matthias Baaz -- Contributions of K. Godel to Relativity and Cosmology /@G.F.E. Ellis -- Kurt Godel and the constructive Mathematics of A.A. Markov /@Boris A. Kushner -- Hao Wang as Philosopher /@Charles Parsons -- A bottom-up approach to foundations of mathematics /@Pavel Pudlak -- K-graph Machines: generalizing Turing’s machines and arguments /@Wilfried Sieg and John Byrnes -- Forcing on Bounded Arithmetic /@Gaisi Takeuti and Masahiro Yasumoto -- Uniform Interpolation and Layered Bisimulation -- A@@@lbert Visser -- Part II. Contributed Papers -- Godel’s Ontological Proof Revisited /@C. Anthony Anderson and Michael Gettings -- A Uniform Theorem Proving Tableau Method for Modal Logic /@Tadashi Araragi -- Decidability of the 3*V*-Class in the Membership Theory NWL /@Dorella Belle and Franco Parlamento -- A Logical Approach to Complexity Bounds for Subtype Inequalities /@Marcin Benke -- How to characterize provably total functions /@Benjamin Blankertz and Andreas Weiermann -- Completeness has to be restricted: Godel’s interpretation of the parameter t /@Giora Hon -- A Bounded Arithmetic Theory for Constant Depth Threshold Circuits /@Jan Johannsen -- Information content and computational complexity of recursive sets /@Lars Kristiansen -- Kurt Godel and the Consistency of R^^ /@Robert K. Meyer -- Best possible answer is computable for fuzzy SLD-resolution /@Leonard Pauh'k -- The finite stages of inductive definitions /@Robert F. Stark -- Godel and the Theory of Everything /@Michael Stoltzner -- Replacement- /-* Collection /@Andrzej M. Zarach


    Institute for Computer Science Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic.