1st Edition

Godfrey of Bouillon Duke of Lower Lotharingia, Ruler of Latin Jerusalem, c.1060-1100

By Simon John Copyright 2018
    300 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    300 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book offers a new appraisal of the ancestry and career of Godfrey of Bouillon (c.1060-1100), a leading participant in the First Crusade (1096-99), and the first ruler of Latin Jerusalem (1099-1100), the polity established by the crusaders after they captured the Holy City. While previous studies of Godfrey’s life have tended to focus on his career from the point at which he joined the crusade, this book adopts a more holistic approach, situating his involvement in the expedition in the light of the careers of his ancestors and his own activities in Lotharingia, the westernmost part of the kingdom of Germany. The findings of this enquiry shed new light on the repercussions of a range of critical developments in Latin Christendom in the eleventh and early twelfth centuries, including the impact of the ‘Investiture Conflict’ in Lotharingia, the response to the call for the First Crusade in Germany, Godfrey’s influence upon the course of the crusade, his role in its leadership, and his activities during the initial phases of Latin settlement in the Holy Land in its aftermath.


    1 - Ancestry and parentage

    Lotharingia and its place in the Western Empire

    Godfrey’s maternal ancestry: the house of Ardennes-Bouillon

    The career of Godfrey the Bearded

    The career of Godfrey the Hunchback

    Godfrey’s parents: Count Eustace II and Ida of Boulogne

    2 - Godfrey’s career in the West, c.1060-95

    Godfrey’s early years and arrival in Lotharingia

    The succession to the office of duke of Lower Lotharingia in 1076

    Godfrey’s matrilineal inheritance

    The military campaigns of Henry IV of Germany

    Godfrey’s career as duke of Lower Lotharingia, 1087-1095

    3 - The coming of the First Crusade, 1095-96

    Pope Urban II’s call for the First Crusade

    Godfrey’s response to the call for the First Crusade

    Godfrey’s preparations for the First Crusade

    4 - The First Crusade, 1096-99

    Lotharingia to Constantinople, August - December 1096

    Constantinople, December 1096 - April 1097

    Asia Minor, May - October 1097

    Antioch, October 1097 - June 1098

    Impasse, June 1098 - May 1099

    Jerusalem, May - July 1099

    5 - In Jerusalem, 1099-1100

    Godfrey’s appointment as ruler of Jerusalem, July 1099

    Ruling Jerusalem

    Godfrey’s death and the succession of Baldwin I


    Epilogue - Godfrey’s reputation in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries




    Simon John is Lecturer in Medieval History at Swansea University. He previously taught at the University of Oxford, and held a Junior Research Fellowship at the Institute of Historical Research. Much of his work to date has focussed upon the crusades and their socio-cultural impact in Latin Christendom. He has published articles in the English Historical Review, the Journal of Medieval History and the Journal of Ecclesiastical History, and is the co-editor (with Nicholas Morton) of Crusading and Warfare in the Middle Ages: Realities and Representations. Essays in Honour of John France (2014).