1st Edition

His Life and Times

ISBN 9781412813464
Published June 15, 2010 by Routledge
618 Pages

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Book Description

"The study of Goethe's life is a task that each generation must undertake anew." Thus writes Richard Friedenthal, author of this rich biography. Spanning eight momentous decades of war, revolution, and social upheaval, Goethe's life reveals itself as one of conflict and dynamic development, of inner contradiction and unceasing creativity.

As novelist, dramatist, and poet, Goethe produced epochal works of fiery romanticism, only later to dedicate himself to a classical ideal of purity and measure. His superb love lyrics immortalize a succession of ardent relationships; yet, in him too, was a strain of frigid egotism mingled with an Olympian detachment. The new introduction serves to place in perspective this outstanding work on the German master.

He was capable of tirelessly exploring the external world as physiologist, geologist, and botanist. He was equally capable of plunging to the depths of profound subjective analysis. A minister of state, a model of distinguished probity, Goethe nonetheless lived a life of passionate seeking, eternally questioning official values. Nothing perhaps better sums up this vast complexity than his lifelong work, Faust, the supreme dramatization of man's quest on earth.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Transaction Edition
1. In Praise of Ancestry
2. Childhood
3.Gradus ad Parnassum
4. Leipzig Student
5. The Warward Shepherd
6. Twilight
7. New Dawn
8. Strasbourg Wanderings
9. Friederike in Sesenheim
10. Doctor Goethe
11. Lotte in Wetzlar
12. Genius in Exuberance
13. The Sufferings of the Youth Werther
14. Sturm und Drang
15. Physiognomics
16. Lili
17. Weimar
18. Sleigh-ride
19. Government
20. Minister of State
21. The School of Frau von Stein
22. Courtier and Poet
23. Flight
24. Italy
25. Erotikon
26. Collected Works
27. Interpretation of Nature
28. Revolutionary Days
29. Goethe at War
30. The First German Republic
31. Two Masters
32. A German Idyll
33. Goethe's Theatrical Mission
34. The Days of Napoleon
35. A Galaxy of Kings
36. Exploits and Sufferings of Light
37. The Patriarch
38. Awakening of the Sleeper
39. The Oriental Divan
40. The Wanderer in Weimar
41. Trilogy of Passion
42. Conversations with Goethe
43. Faust
44. World Literature
Chronological Table
Bibliographical Survey

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