1st Edition

Golf Business and Management A Global Introduction

    292 Pages 33 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    292 Pages 33 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Golf is big business around the world. With high profile series such as the PGA, LPGA and European tours to the re-introduction of golf to the Olympics at Rio 2016, golf occupies a prominent place in the global sport community. This is the first book to introduce the fundamentals of golf business and management from a truly international perspective, covering key topics such as media, club management, sponsorship and retail, at elite and non-elite levels.

    With sections exploring the development of golf on every continent, including North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, this book presents the latest thinking on current issues in golf, ranging from sustainability and innovation to global governance. Each chapter incorporates helpful features for students including learning objectives, discussion questions, guides to further reading, recommended websites and insights from industry voices.

    This book is essential reading for students of any golf-related degree course or professional accreditation programme, and will also be of interest to those studying or working in sport business, sport management and sport tourism. Underpinned by up-to-date literature, golf researchers will also find the book a useful starting point.

    Part I: The Global Game

    1. Global Golf Business and Management: Market issues and career prospects

    [Tim Breitbarth, Sebastian Kaiser-Jovy and Geoff Dickson]

    2. Golf Consumption

    [Andrew Rankin, Ali Bakir and Eddie Bullock]

    3. Golf Governance

    [David Shilbury]

    Part II: Central Issues in Golf Business and Management

    4. Golf Club Management and Hospitality

    [Geoff Dickson and Jason P. Koenigsfeld]

    5. Sustainability and Environmental Impact of Golf

    [Sheila N. Nguyen]

    6. Golf Tourism

    [David Ermen and Luke Frary]

    7. Golf Tournaments and Events

    [Christopher Huth and Timo Zimmermann]

    8. Golf and Media

    [Karen Danylchuk and Katie Lebel]

    9. Sponsorship in Golf

    [Mark R. Lyberger and Larry McCarthy]

    10. Golf Retail

    [Jonathan Robertson]

    11. Innovation in Golf

    [Michael Craw and Geoff Dickson]

    12. Researching and Reporting Topical Issues in Golf

    [Richard E. Oddy]

    Part III: Regional Perspectives on Golf Development and Management

    13. Golf in North America

    [Emily Stadder and Jess C. Dixon]

    14. Golf in South America

    [Geraldo Ricardo Hruschka Campestrini and Mauricio Pinto]

    15. Golf in Europe

    [Rainer Fischer and Sebastian Kaiser-Jovy]

    16. Golf in Africa

    [Brendon Knott and Janice Hemmonsbey]

    17. Golf in Asia and the Middle East

    [Geoff Dickson, Jinming Zheng and Shushu Chen]

    18. Golf in Australia and New Zealand

    [John Stuart Anderson and David Shilbury]


    Tim Breitbarth is a Principal Academic in the Faculty of Management at Bournemouth University, UK. He holds a PhD in Marketing from Otago University and a Master’s degree in Social Science from Göttingen University. He has also worked in various corporate communications, marketing and management consultancy roles in Germany, New Zealand and the USA. His work stretches across the fields of strategic sport management, social responsibility, marketing, and on internationalisation in the higher education sector. He has held visiting positions at the German Sport University and Cologne University, and serves as a board member of the European Association for Sport Management 

    Sebastian Kaiser-Jovy is a Professor of General Business Administration and Sport Management at Heilbronn University, Germany. He is Associate Editor of The German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research (Social Sciences and Humanities) and the author and co-author of a range of books, book chapters and journal articles on sport management. Sebastian lectures regularly at various international universities and he is a Visiting Professor at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Geoff Dickson is an Associate Professor at the School of Sport and Recreation at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Geoff’s research interests include consumer behaviour, sponsorship, ambush marketing, sport governance, interorganisational relationships and event legacies. He has published his research in such journals as Sport Management Review, Journal of Sport Management and European Sport Management Quarterly. He is an outspoken advocate of gender equity in golf clubs. He is a keen golfer and member of the Waitemata Golf Club. He describes his ability as ‘better than most but not nearly as good as some’

    "In 1960, a handshake between Mark McCormack and Arnold Palmer became the foundation of not just golf management but modern sport business. In 2017 and beyond, we must all work toward addressing some of the challenges that the sport naturally has to overcome to evolve and remain relevant. With, for example, the re-introduction of golf to the 2016 Olympics, the momentum is on our side. There is great opportunity in global golf." – Guy Kinnings, Global Head of Golf, IMG

    "One of the key challenges for the golf industry is to be alive to the changing demands of people’s modern day lifestyles, particularly when research demonstrates that a younger generation of golfers would like to play alternative, shorter forms of the game in a quicker time. It is also important that we educate golf’s current and future executives about effective business and management practices and this book will have an important role to play in that regard." – Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive, The R&A