1st Edition

Gorbachev at the Helm A New Era in Soviet Politics?

Edited By R.F. Miller, J.H. Miller, T.H. Rigby Copyright 1987

    Gorbachev at the Helm (1987) analyses the policy decisions taken at the 27th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in February–March 1986, declared at the time by the Soviet government as a major turning point in Soviet history. It considers the importance of the changes for a number of policy areas, and from a variety of perspectives. The authors examine the degree to which the policy initiatives and associated personnel changes brought about by Gorbachev in certain key areas – domestic politics, general economic policy and administration, agriculture, ideology and foreign policy – constitute substantial innovations.

    Introduction R.F. Miller.  1. Old Style Congress – New Style Leadership? T.H. Rigby  2. The Programmatic Documents of the 27th Congress G. Gill  3. How Much of a New Elite? J.H. Miller  4. The Mass Party Membership: Steady as She Goes J.H. Miller  5. The Soviet Economy: Problems and Solutions in the Gorbachev View R.F. Miller  6. Soviet Reforms in the 1980s: Current Debate V. Zaslavsky  7. Agricultural Reform, the Food Program and the 27th Party Congress S.G. Wheatcroft  8. Foreign Policy and Defence G. Jukes  9. The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe: Genuine Integration at Last? R.F. Miller.  Conclusion: The Gorbachev Era Launched T.H. Rigby


    R.F. Miller, J.H. Miller and T.H. Rigby