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1st Edition

Gottlob Frege

ISBN 9780415306010
Published January 13, 2006 by Routledge
1730 Pages

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Book Description

Gottlob Frege (1848-1925) taught at the University of Jena for thirty years, and was scarcely known outside a small circle of professional mathematicians and philosophers. However, later in the twentieth century he came to be recognized as someone who, in demonstrating the affinity of logic with mathematics, laid the foundations for modern philosophy of language and modern logic.

Frege regarded logic as the foundation for philosophy. In doing so, he instigated a radical change in the stance of the majority of Western philosophers whose main pre-occupation since Descartes had been the nature of knowledge rather than logic. His influence can be clearly seen in the work of local positivists of the early twentieth century, as well as in much of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy. This impressive collection brings together recent scholarship on Frege, including new translations of German material, made available to Anglophone scholars for the first time.

Table of Contents

Volume I: Frege’s Philosophy in Context  Part 1. Frege’s Life and Work  Part 2. Frege and Other Philosophers   Part 3. Frege’s Epistemology and Metaphysics  Volume II: Frege’s Philosophy of Logic  Part 4. Frege’s Logic  Part 5. Frege and Metalogic  Part 6. Logic and Truth  Part 7. Logic and Epistemology  Volume III: Frege’s Philosophy of Mathematics  Part 8. Frege and the History and Philosophy of Mathematics  Part 9. Frege’s Views on Numbers and Value-Ranges  Part 10. Consistency, Frege’s Theorem, and Neo-Logicism  Volume IV: Frege’s Philosophy of Thought and Language  Part 11. Frege and the Philosophy of Language  Part 12. Concepts and Predication  Part 13. Sinn and Bedeutung  Part Fourteen: The Analysis of Thoughts

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