1st Edition

Governance in the Middle East and North Africa A Handbook

Edited By Abbas Kadhim Copyright 2013
    ISBN 9781857435849
    528 Pages
    Published January 7, 2013 by Routledge

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    Governance in the Middle East and North African will be essential reading for scholars, activists and policy makers. This new Handbook presents the first comprehensive framework of the question of governance in the Middle East in its various forms and manifestations: political, economic, and government performance.

    This book is structured into two parts: Part I provides some theoretical background and analyzes the patterns and challenges of governance in the Middle East, providing some global context; Part II will examine specific cases in selected countries and regions in the Middle East and North Africa.

    This book is aimed at a wide audience. Policy makers, policy analysts, as well as journalists will benefit from the history and analysis presented in the book. Also, academics will find important material for research and class work. Professors teaching courses on US Foreign policy, Middle East, International Relations, Comparative Politics and many related fields will find the book a very suitable choice for their students to read. Given the media and general public’s interest in the Middle East and North Africa, it will also appeal to a wide range of educated readers in the USA, the United Kingdom and many other countries world-wide.

    Part 1: Overview  1. Governance Constrained Growth in the MENA Robert E. Looney  2. Stuff is not Enough: Resources and Governance in the Middle East Mary Ann Tétreault  3. The Middle East Political Economy and Arab Spring: A Difficult Symbiosis Charles Dunbar  4. Trade Agreements in the MENA Region: Contribution to Better Governance Claire Brunel and Gary Hufbauer  5. Illegitimate Governance: The Roots of Islamist Radicalization in the MENA Mohammed M. Hafez  6. Arab Intellectuals and Authority: A Continuity of an Implied System Hassan Nadhem  7. The Prospects for Democratization in the Middle East Heather Gregg  8. The Improvement of Women's Rights in the Arab World: The Importance of Governing Authorities Vickie Langohr and Amaney Jamal  9. The Islamic Veil in Civil Societies Faegheh Shirazi  10. Revolutions in the Middle East: Demands for Political, Social and Economic Changes and the States' Repressive Response Aqeel Abood  Part 2: Country Studies  11. Transition in Progress: Governance in Iraq 2003-2011 Abbas Kadhim  12. Managing the Islamic Republic: Governance in Post-revolutionary Iran Babak Rahimi  13. Civilianizing Turkish Policy: Civil society in decision-making and civil-military relations Ekrem Eddy Güzeldere  14. The Kingdom: Can the Magic Last? David Dunford  15. Qatar: Democratic Reforms and Global Status Louay Bahry  16. Government in the United Arab Emirates: Progress and Pathologies Christopher M. Davidson  17. Political Pluralism and Governance Challenges in Kuwait and Bahrain Laurence Louër  18. Yemen on the precipice: Governing the ungovernable J.E. Peterson  19. The Solitary Sultan and the Contruction of the New Oman J.E. Peterson  20. Antimonies of Economic Governance in Contemporary Syria Samer N. Abboud and Fred H. Lawson  Governance, Reform and Resurgent Ethnic Identity Politics in Jordan Curtis R. Ryan  22. Palestinian Governance: Against All Odds Ghada Hashem Talhami  23. The Evolution of Governance in Israel Jonathan Fine and Itzhak Galnoor  24. Governance in Egypt Robert Springborg  25. Sudan: Governance in a Divided Country 1956-2010 David H. Shinn  26. Governance Reforms in Morocco - Beyond Electoral Authoritarianism? Sylvia I. Bergh  27. Governance in Algeria: The Protracted Transition to Democratic Rule Yahia H. Zoubir  28. Governance in Libya Roger Owen

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