1st Edition

Governing Biodiversity through Democratic Deliberation

Edited By Mikko Rask, Richard Worthington Copyright 2015
    338 Pages
    by Routledge

    338 Pages 45 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book discusses political controversies involved in global biodiversity policy, and the practical opportunities that are opened up in solving them through increased citizen participation and democratic deliberation. It examines the emerging practice of deliberative global governance and its political consequences.

    The collection focuses on the intersection of global biodiversity policy and the promise of deliberative democracy. In doing so, it examines how new discursive logics emerge in global citizen deliberation that might destabilize the impasses encountered in biodiversity negotiations, how a "global citizens’ voice" emerges in deliberative processes despite the dominance of national institutions in the lives of those citizens, the most effective and innovative ways to amplify the results of large-scale deliberations to policy makers and broader audiences, and how future citizen deliberations can be designed to make them fair, feasible and consequential processes, in general and for biodiversity issues in particular.

    This highly original contribution to the field provides theoretical discussions, empirical analyses and local experiences of biodiversity policy, making it an invaluable resource for students and scholars of environmental politics, governance and sociology, particularly those interested in deliberative democracy, citizen participation and biodiversity.

    Part 1 Introduction 1. Understanding the Demand for Global Citizen Deliberation on Biodiversity Policy Mikko Rask and Richard Worthington  2. WWViews on Biodiversity – New Methodological Developments and Ambitions Bjørn Bedsted, Søren Gram, Marie Louise Jørgensen and Lars Klüver  Part 2 Global Biodiversity Policy Perspectives  3. The Variegated Landscape of Biodiversity Policy Richard Worthington and Rose Egelhoff  4. Preserving Biodiversity in the European Union Sylvain Gallais  5. Biodiversity and Sustainability in Nepal: A Role for Deliberation? Jailab Rai, Rahul Karki and Richard Worthington  Part 3 Constructing A Global Citizen's Voice  6. Constructing the ‘Citizen’ in Global Deliberations Louise Phillips, Birgit Jæger, Erling Jelsøe and Annika Agger  7. The Role of Gender in Global Citizen Deliberation Rüdiger Goldschmidt, David Tomblin and Mikko Rask  8. A Mutual Learning Approach to WWViews Katrin Vohland, Martin Knapp, Eva Patzschke, Malte Timpte, Rene Zimmer  9. Bridging Global-Local Knowledge Gaps in Public Deliberation Naoyuki MIKAMI and Ekou YAGI  Part 4 The Art of Amplification  10. Media Strategy and Networks at the Margins of Biodiversity Governance Henry Geddes and Su Young Choi  11. Amplifying Deliberative Results to Access Policy Networks: The Role of Informal Science Education Institutions Gretchen Gano and David Sittenfeld  Part 5 Reflective Institutional Design 12. ‘Mini-publics’, Competence and Reliable Decisions James Wong  13. Standardizing Heterogeneity: Negotiating Designs for Transnational Citizen Engagement Nina Amelung  14. The Circulation of Ideas: A Discursive Deliberative Knowledge System for biodiversity policy Vanessa Liston  Part 6 Conclusions  15. Global Citizen Deliberation – A Long Shot toward Sustainable Biodiversity Policy? Richard Worthington and Mikko Rask



    Mikko Rask is adjunct Professor and senior researcher at University of Helsinki, Finland

    Richard Worthington is Professor at Pomona College, California, USA