1st Edition

Governing Natural Resources for Sustainable Peace in Africa Environmental Justice and Conflict Resolution

Edited By Obasesam Okoi, Victoria R Nalule Copyright 2024

    This book examines the dynamics of natural resource conflicts in Africa and explores the different governance approaches for securing sustainable peace.

    One of the most prominent challenges facing Africa today is the consequences of natural resource extraction. While these resources hold the potential for economic transformation across Africa, their extraction also comes with a range of environmental, social, and economic consequences, including issues related to governance. This book assembles a unique cohort of peacebuilding, environmental justice, and sustainable development scholars and practitioners from Africa and beyond to examine the dynamics of natural resource conflict and explore the governance approaches that offer pathways for sustainable peace in Africa. Drawing on case studies and empirical lessons from the Horn of Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, East Africa, and the Central Sahel region, along with the African Union, the multidisciplinary contributors offer fresh insights into the nature of natural resource conflict in Africa, delve deeper into the complexities of natural resource governance, and highlight the interplay between resource governance and sustainable peace. By shedding light not only on Africa’s experiences and vulnerabilities but also on the challenges of natural resource governance, this book fills a crucial gap in understanding the connection between natural resource governance, conflict, and pathways for sustainable peace in Africa.

    Drawing on a range of disciplinary perspectives, this book will be of interest to students and scholars of natural resource governance, peace and conflict studies, environmental policy and justice, sustainable development, security studies and African studies more widely.

    Introduction: Natural Resource Governance and Conflicts in Africa in Context

    Obasesam Okoi


    Part One: Theories and Concepts


    1. Natural Resource Governance and Sustainable Peace in Africa – A Theoretical Analysis Obasesam Okoi


    2. Gold Mining and Instability in the Central Sahel

    John Sunday Ojo and Oluwole Ojewale


    3. Control of Mineral Land by a Para-sovereign Power in the Ethiopia-Djibouti Borderlands Gemechu Adiamassu Abeshu


    Part Two: Governance Responses


    4. Environmental Injustices in South Africa’s Artisanal Gold Mining Sector

    Melanie Müller and Inga Carry


    5. The Role of Distributive Justice and Land Law Reforms in Tackling Land Inequalities in the Extractive Industries in South Africa and Uganda

    Victoria R. Nalule


    6. The Role of the African Union’s Panel of the Wise in Natural Resource Conflict Resolution

    Olawari D. J. Egbe and Fie David Dan-Woniowei


    Part Three: Lessons and Future Directions


    7. Placing the Rule of Law and Environmental Justice in the Resource-Conflict Nexus in Nigeria

    Eghosa O. Ekhator and Godswill Agbaitoro


    8. Social Legitimacy as A Sustainable Tool for Resolving Mining-Induced Conflicts in Ghana

    Chris Adomako-Kwakye and Richard Obeng Mensah


    9. Exploring the Role of Gender and Indigenous Knowledge in Peacebuilding and Political Stability in Africa

    Jonathan Romic


    Conclusion: Ensuring a Peaceful Africa Based on the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

    Victoria R. Nalule and Obasesam Okoi


    Obasesam Okoi is Assistant Professor of Justice and Peace Studies at the University of St. Thomas, USA. He is Charles E. Scheidt Faculty Fellow in Atrocity Prevention at the Institute for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention (I-GMAP), Binghamton University, USA, and Associate Editor of the African Security journal.

    Victoria R. Nalule is an energy and mining professional and consultant with extensive experience working on various projects across the globe. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Nalule Energy and Minerals Consultants (NEM Energy). She is also a lecturer at the University of Bradford, United Kingdom.