542 Pages
    by Routledge

    543 Pages
    by Routledge

    This comprehensive but accessible text provides students with a systematic introduction to the comparative political study of the leading nations of South Asia: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. The seventh edition is extensively revised and updated, benefiting from the fresh perspective brought on by adding a new author to the team. New material includes discussions of political parties and leaders in India, the Zardari regime and changes to the Pakistani constitution, the rocky relationship between Pakistan and the Obama administration, new prospects and dangers facing Bangladesh, continuing political violence in Sri Lanka, and the troubles facing Nepal as it attempts to draft a new constitution.

    Organized in parallel fashion to facilitate cross-national comparison, the sections on each nation address several topical areas of inquiry: political culture and heritage, government structure and institutions, political parties and leaders, conflict and resolution, and modernization and development. A statistical appendix provides a concise overview of leading demographic and economic indicators for each country, making Government and Politics in South Asia an invaluable addition to courses on the politics of South Asia.

    List of Tables and Illustrations Preface to the Seventh Edition 1 Introduction I INDIA 2 Political Culture and Heritage: A Changing Political Culture 3 State Institutions and Changing Political Dynamics 4 Shifting Perspectives About Political Parties and Political Leaders 5 Groups and Multiple Demands on the System 6 Conflict Management 7 Modernization and Development with Indian Characteristics II PAKISTAN 8 Political Culture and Heritage 9 Constitutional Structure 10 Political Parties and Political Leaders 11 Conflict and Mediation 12 Policy Issues 13 Problems and Prospects III BANGLADESH 14 Political Culture and Heritage 15 Government Institutions 16 Elections, Parties, and Interest Groups 17 Conflicts and Resolution 18 Modernization and Development: Prospects and Problems IV SRILANKA 19 Political Culture and Heritage 20 Government Structure 21 Political Parties and Interest Groups 22 Conflict Mediation: Ethnic and Political Conflict 23 The Search for Prosperity 24 Modernization and Development: Prospects and Problems V NEPAL 25 Political Heritage and Culture 26 Political Institutions and Governmental Processes 27 Political Parties, Elections, and Leaders 28 Class and Identity Conflicts 29 Modernization and Development: Problems and Prospects VI SOUTH ASIA 30 The Future: South Asia as a Region and a Player in the World System Statistical Appendix Index


    Robert C Oberst