302 Pages 342 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    302 Pages 342 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This newly revised and updated fifth edition of Grammar of the Edit will teach anyone who needs to use video as a communication tool how to show more effective visual stories. This accessible resource presents both traditional and cutting-edge methodologies that address the all-important questions of when to cut and why, and teaches readers the principles behind selecting the best shots, cutting for continuity, pacing, editing sound, color correction, and more.

    Designed as an easy-to-use guide, this book covers each topic succinctly with clear photographs and diagrams illustrating key concepts, complete with fun and practical exercises and quiz questions, as well as "from-the-field" examples, resulting in a staple text for any filmmaker’s library.

    New to the fifth edition:

    • Instructional and student resources offer downloadable and editable raw footage so that students can practice the techniques described in the book, and instructional videos showcasing examples of different editing choices and types of shot transitions.
    • Thorough chapter content reviews and refreshed exercises and quizzes help test readers on their knowledge using real-world scenarios.
    • New section, Principles in Practice, concludes each chapter by presenting unique scenarios that a video maker may encounter in their own video-editing work and offers creative solutions and advice on how one might handle them.

    Together with its companion volume, Grammar of the Shot, the core concepts discussed in these books offer concise and practical resources for both experienced and aspiring filmmakers who wish to master their craft.

    1. Video Editing: An Introduction to the Process  2. Understanding the Visual Material  3. Understanding the Audio Material  4. Assessing Footage: Selecting Shots for the Edit  5. When to Cut and Why: Factors that Lead to Strong Edits  6. Video Transitions and Edit Categories  7. Editing Terms, Topics, and Techniques  8. Concluding Thoughts: An Editor’s Mindset



    Christopher J. Bowen has 25 years of experience within the motion media industry as a cinematographer, editor, director, producer, and educator. Currently, he enjoys visual content creation, fine arts painting, and writing fiction. He is author of the companion text, Grammar of the Shot.

    "This is an essential book for film and media production students – especially those who want to make a career out of video editing. The storytelling function of editing is clearly explained as well as the grammar of its various forms and styles." - Dr. Matthew Kerry, Nottingham Trent University