1st Edition

Grammatical Gender in English 950 to 1250

By Charles Jones Copyright 1988
    250 Pages
    by Routledge

    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1988, this book explores the grammatical loss of gender in English. It demonstrates that from the end of the Old English period, there was a considerable time period, of about three hundred years, during which there existed "echoes" of the gender classification of nouns. The study records the best known conclusions concerning the behaviour of anaphoric pronouns under grammatical gender "stress" in the late Old English and Middle English periods. It focuses on a discussion of attributive word morphology in the noun phrase.


    1. Introduction: Grammatical Gender in West Saxon Old English

    2. The Tenth Century: The Late Old English gloss to the Lindesfarm Gospels

    3. The Tenth Century: The Late Old English gloss to the Durham Ritual

    4. The Twelfth Century: The Peterborough Chronical

    5. The Thirteenth Century: Lazamon’s Brut and Vices and Virtues


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    Jones, Charles