1st Edition

Grand European Expresses The Story of the Wagons-Lits

By George Behrend Copyright 1962

    Grand European Expresses (1962) examines the trains de luxe of the International Sleeping Car and European Express Trains Company, from the Orient Express of the 1880s to the car-sleepers of the 1960s. As modern-day sleeper services are being resurrected across European rail networks, this book looks at the complex organisation that was required to run their forbears, with sleeping cars with clean bedding and conductors and dining cars with food and drink were in the right place at the right time across many different nations, systems and time-zones.

    1. The European Scene  2. The Night Ferry  3. The Orient Express  4. The Arlberg–Orient Express  5. The Blue Train  6. The Nord–Sud Concept  7. The Nord Express Today  8. The Sud Express  9. The Rome Express  10. The Oberland Express  11. The Peninsular Express and the Boat Trains  12. ‘No Train Tonight’  13. The Grand Expresses Beyond Europe  14. The Italia Express and the Roma-Milano  15. How Wagons-Lits is Run  16. The New Grand European Expresses


    George Behrend