1st Edition

Grandparenting in the United States

    262 Pages
    by Routledge

    262 Pages
    by Routledge

    The contributors to Grandparenting in the United States, edited by Madonna Harrington Meyer and Ynesse Abdul-Malak of Syracuse University, use a variety of quantitative and qualitative data sets to assess how grandparenting, and its impacts, vary by living arrangements, economic status, education, gender, race, ethnicity, and other stratifying variables. Some papers assess how the provision of financial assistance, particularly during economic downturns, may be easily absorbed or financially detrimental. Others demonstrate how immigrant grandparents navigate multiple sets of cultural expectations to provide childcare to their grandchildren. Some show how Hispanic grandparents acculturation level is linked to childcare and financial transfer across generations. Others emphasize the extent to which schoolchildren with disabilities are more likely to receive grandparent care, particularly if the mother is single. Some reveal how custodial grandmothers are significantly more likely to be poor, face social isolation, and report poorer health. Others enumerate the positive, and negative, impacts of frequent interaction for both generations. In total, the volume underscores the impact of evolving diversification of grandparenting across multiple generations.

    CHAPTER 1 Grandparenting in the United States
     Madonna Harrington Meyer and Ynesse Abdul-Malak

    PART I Grandparenting

     CHAPTER 2 Race and Ethnic Differences in Grandchild Care and Financial Transfers with Grandfamilies: An Intersectional Resource Approach
     Merril Silverstein and Yooumi Lee

     CHAPTER 3 Grandmothers’ Financial Contributions and the Impact on Grandmothers
     Madonna Harrington Meyer

     CHAPTER 4 Health and Grandparenting among 13 Caribbean (and one Latin American) Immigrant Women in the United States
     Ynesse Abdul-Malak

     CHAPTER 5 Grand parent-Provided Childcare for Families Raising Elementary School-Aged Children with Disabilities
     Peter D. Brandon

    PART 2 Co-residential and Custodial Grandparenting

     CHAPTER 6 Portrait of American Grandparent Families
     Lynne M. Casper, Sandra M. Florian, C. Brady Potts, and Peter D. Brandon

     CHAPTER 7 Multigenerational Relationships in Families with Custodial Grandparents
     Rachel Dunifon, Kimberly Kopko, P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, and Lauren Wakschlag

     CHAPTER 8 An Exploration of the Health of Adolescents Raised by Grandparents
     Megan L. Dolbin-MacNab

     CHAPTER 9 Young Adults’ Perceptions of Living with Their Grandparents During Childhood
     Laura D. Pittman, Micah Ioffe, and Chris tine R. Keeports

     CHAPTER 10 Noncaregiving Grandparent Peers’ Perceptions of Custodial Grandparents: Extent of Life Disruption, Needs for Social Support, and Needs for Social and Mental Health Services
     Bert Hayslip, Jr., Rebecca J. Glover, and Sara E. Pollard

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    Harrington Meyer, Madonna; Abdul-Malak, Ynesse