1st Edition

Grant and Temperley's Europe in the Nineteenth Century 1789-1905

    440 Pages
    by Routledge

    440 Pages
    by Routledge

    This seventh edition of 'Grant and Temperley' has been comprehensively revised and rewritten by the distinguished historian Agatha Ramm. Its coverage has been greatly extended , and it now appears in two volume. This, volume one, covers the nineteenth century 1789-1905 and the second the period 1905-1970.

    Lists of maps.  Preface.  Introduction: Modern Europe.  1. The French Revolution in Peace.  2. The Revolution at War.  3. The Rise of Napoleon to Power.  4. Napoleon, Emperor and Statesman.  5. The Defeat of the Goverments of Europe.  6. The Rise of the New Empire.  7. The Catastrophe of Napoleon.  8. The Failure of International Government.  9. Autocracy, Constitutionalism and Revolution 1815-48.  10. The French Revolution of 1848
    11. The Revolution 1848 -49.  12. Reaction in Germany, Austria and Hungary.  13. Revolutionary Movements in Italy
    14. The Eastern Question and the Crimean War.  15.The Union of Italy.  16. The Development of the French Empire
    17. Germany and the Seven Weeks' War.  18. The Defeat of Austria and the Coming of the Franco-German War
    19. The Franco-German War and its Effects.  20. The Foundation of the Third French Republic.  21. Russia and the Eastern Questions 1856-86.  22. The Growth of Colonisation, of Trade and of Overseas Empire.  23. Bismarck and the Foundation of the Triple and Dual Alliances.  24. The Nations of Europe and the End of the Nineteenth Century 1890-1905.  25. International Relations 1895-1905.  26. Conclusion. Internationalism in Europe.  Maps.  Index.


    Arthur James Grant, H.W.V. Temperley, Agatha Ramm