1st Edition

Graphical Analysis of Multi-Response Data

    592 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    A comprehensive summary of new and existing approaches to analyzing multiresponse data, Graphical Analysis of Multiresponse Data emphasizes graphical procedures. These procedures are then used, in various ways, to analyze, summarize, and present data from a specific, well-known plant breeding trial.
    These procedures result in overlap plots, their corresponding semigraphical tables, scatter plot matrices, profiles across environments and attributes for individual genotypes and groups of genotypes, and principal components.
    The interpretation of these displays, as an aid to understanding, is illustrated and discussed. Techniques for choosing expressions for the observed quantities are also emphasized.
    Graphical Analysis of Multiresponse Data is arranged into three parts:

  • What can usefully be done
  • Consequences for the example
  • Approaches and choices in more detail
    That structure enables the reader to obtain an overview of what can be found, and to then delve into various aspects more deeply if desired.
    Statisticians, data analysts, biometricians, plant breeders, behavioral scientists, social scientists, and engineering scientists will find Graphical Analysis of Multiresponse Data offers invaluable assistance. Its details are also of interest to scientists in private firms, government institutions, and research organizations who are concerned with the analysis and interpretation of experimental multiresponse data.
  • PART A
    Introduction to Part A
    The Example
    Styles of Analysis
    PART B
    Introduction to Part B
    Overall Behaviour: SPLOMs across Attributes and across Environments
    Semigraphical Comparison of Genotypes for ech Attibute-Environment Pair
    Profiles of Individual Genotypes and Groups
    SPLOMs for Genotype Groups
    Re-Attribution of the Responses on the 43 Genotypes
    Semigraphical Displays for the Re-Attributed Data
    PART C
    Introduction to Part C
    Global Aspects of the Data
    Data Laundry
    Choices of Expression
    Seeking Exotic Values
    Local Analyses and Displays
    Combined Analyses
    Grouping and Labelling Genotypes
    Idolinkage, Nearest and Centroid
    Other Blended Forms; Xpanded Idiolinkage
    Robust Forms of Idiolinkage
    Robust Sphering
    A Side Issue and More Carful Sphering
    Detrivialization of One- and Two-Way Tables: An Introduction
    Later Attributes and Subtables
    Sphering the Soybean Data
    Grouping the Soybean Genotypes
    Ordering the Environments
    One Approach to Plotting
    Smoothing Short Sequences (of perhaps 6 to 18 Values)
    Presentations across Attibutes
    Choice of Expression: Generalities
    Removable Inhomogeneity of Variability
    Removable Non-Additivity
    Linearity of Response
    Relative Importance and Combination
    Interpretation and Hybridization


    Basford, Kaye Enid; Tukey, John Wilder

    "…collaboration between a recognized expert in graphical data exploration methods, and a statistician experienced in the analysis of data from plant breeding trials."
    M. Talbot, Biometrics, Vol. 56, No. 2, June 2000
    "…the book is likely to be of most interest to a statistician involved in plant breeding or, perhaps, to an academic with interests in graphical data analysis techniques."
    M. Talbot, Biometrics, Vol. 56, No. 2, June 2000