1st Edition

Graphics Tools---The jgt Editors' Choice

Edited By Ronen Barzel Copyright 2005
    376 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    Computer Graphics professionals can now find in one volume a collection of 32 "gems" chosen by the editors of the journal of graphics tools, one of the leading publications in the field. These selected papers provide practical ideas and techniques that solve real problems in the areas of - Math & Programming Techniques - Polygon Techniques - Simulation and Collision Detection - Ray Tracing - Rendering and Shadowing - Sampling and Shading - Image Processing Supplementary material in the form of updates on techniques presented, extensions to the original idea, and comments on the impact of the original publication have been provided by many of the authors.

    I: Math and Programming Techniques 1. Simple and Efficient Traversal Methods for Quadtrees and Octrees 2. Building an Orthonormal Basis from a Unit Vector 3. Efficiently Building a Matrix to Rotate One Vector to Another 4. Fast Projected Area Computation for Three-Dimensional Bounding Boxes 5. Computing a View Frustum to Maximize an Object’s Image Area 6. Fast and Accurate Parametric Curve Length Computation II: Polygon Techniques 7. Generalized Barycentric Coordinates on Irregular Polygons 8. Computing Vertex Normals from Polygonal Facets 9. Weights for Computing Vertex Normals from Facet Normals 10. Fast Polygon Area and Newell Normal Computation 11. Triangulating Convex Polygons Having T-Vertices 12. Fast Normal Map Generation for Simplified Meshes III: Simulation and Collision Detection 13. Fast and Accurate Computation of Polyhedral Mass Properties 14. Efficient Collision Detection of Complex Deformable Models using AABB Trees 15. Fast and Robust Triangle-Triangle Overlap Test Using Orientation Predicates 16. A Simple Fluid Solver Based on the FFT IV: Ray Tracing 17. Efficiency Issues for Ray Tracing 18. Fast, Minimum Storage Ray-Triangle Intersection 19. Simple Nested Dielectrics in Ray Traced Images 20. V: Rendering and Shadowing 21. A Shaft Culling Tool 22. Soft Planar Shadows Using Plateaus 23. Practical Shadow Mapping 24. Optimized Shadow Mapping Using the Stencil Buffer 25. Faster Photon Map Global Illumination VI: Sampling and Shading 26. Sampling with Hammersley and Halton Points 27. A Low Distortion Map between Disk and Square 28. Generalized Stratified Sampling Using the Hilbert Curve 29. Generating Random Points in a Tetrahedron 30. An RGB-to-Spectrum Conversion for Reflectances 31. An Anisotropic Phong BRDF Model VII: Image Processing 32. A Spatial Post-Processing Algorithm for Images of Night Scenes 33. Fast, Robust Image Registration for Compositing High Dynamic Range Photographs from Hand-Held Exposures


    Barzel\, Ronen

    Guess we are not going to get by with a plucky attitude and an attractive set of colored pencils anymore. In this collection of articles from the journal of graphics tools we can find out why... -SciTech Book News, December 2005