1st Edition

Grasslands Developments, Opportunities, Perspectives

Edited By Stephen Reynolds, John Frame Copyright 2005
    556 Pages
    by CRC Press

    556 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book looks at significant current grassland problems and issues, and provides an insight into grassland productivity in diverse areas of the world, with their various production systems. There is a focus on recent technical advances and the prospects for further innovation, through twenty-one chapters by eminent grassland scientists, grouped into seven sections - forage germplasm; forage conservation; grass-based systems and organic production; climate change, biodiversity and biotechnology; geographical information systems; farmer and pastoralist participation; and regional developments. The book is timely in view of the expanding human and livestock populations, especially in arid and semi-arid environments, with the consequent pressure on the world's grasslands.

    Forage Germplasm: Prospects for Temperate Forage Legumes
    The Future Role of Forage Legumes in the Mediterranean Climatic Areas
    New Grasses and Legumes: Advances and Perspectives for the Tropical Zones of Latin America
    Perspectives on Forage Tree Legumes
    Forage Conservation: Silage: A Global Perspective; Prospects for Haying Systems Around the World
    Grass-based Systems and Organic Production: Meat and Milk Production from Grass-based Systems
    New Zealand's Pastoral Industries: Efficient Use of Pastoral Resources
    Organic Grassland: Principles, Practices and Potential
    Climate Change, Biodiversity and Biotechnology
    Rising Atmospheric CO2 and Global Climate Change
    Management Implications for Grazinglands
    Biodiversity in Grasslands: Current Changes and Scenarios for the Future
    Biotechnological Approaches to Temperate Forage Improvement
    Geographical Information Systems (GIS): GIS-based Forage Species Adaptation Mapping
    The Application of Remote Sensing Technology to Grassland Resource Management in China
    Farmer and Pastoralist Participation: New Forages for Smallholder Livestock Systems in Southeast Asia: Recent Developments, Impacts and Opportunities
    Pastoralists, Present and Future
    Rangeland Development in West Asia and North Africa
    Regional Developments: Forage and Ruminant Livestock Integration in Tree Crop Plantations of Southeast Asia
    Intensive Forage Production in Smallholder Dairy Farming in Eastern Africa
    Rural Depopulation and Grassland Management in Patagonia
    Australian Temperate Grasslands: Changing Philosophies and Future Prospects
    The Future for Savannah and Tropical Grasslands: A Latin American Perspective


    Frame, J., Ard Choille, 13, St Vincent Crescent, Alloway, Ayr KA7 4QW, Scotland, United Kingdom.