Great Cities of the World : Their government, Politics and Planning book cover
1st Edition

Great Cities of the World
Their government, Politics and Planning

Edited By

W.A. Robson

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ISBN 9780415860413
Published May 3, 2013 by Routledge
932 Pages

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Book Description

The giant city of today is a unique phenomenon. Never before have such acute problems of government, the provision of essential services, planning, social life, and civilized living arisen from uncontrolled urbanization. In the West and in the East, in the more developed and in the less developed countries, in capitalist and communist states, the great metropolis represents a problem of the first importance which challenges the statesman, the official, the town planner, the political scientist, the sociologist and, above all, the intelligent citizen.

The editor has here assembled an authoritative series of studies describing the growth, significance, government, politics adn planning of twenty-four great cities of the world. They show how these widely scattered cities faced essentially similar problems. Each study deals with the actual working of one city in the 1950s, how its elective adn executive bodies are organized, the kind of political forces which motivate their activities, the scope and character of the municipal services, how they are finiance. The cities dealt with include Bombay, Amsterdam, Moscow, Montreal, Stockholm, Rome, New York, London, Sydney and Tokyo.

This book was first published in 1954.

Table of Contents

Part One: The Great City of Today

1. A modern phenomenon

2. The metropolitan community

3. Special constitutional features

4. The elected council

5. The city council as executive

6. An executive appointed by the council

7. The elected mayor as executive

8. An elected committee as executive

9. An executive appointed by the central government

10. Municipal services

11. The need for integration

12. The attempt to expand

13. The Ad Hoc authority for special purposes

14. Other attempts to solve the problem

15. Politics in the great city

16. Divided civic and political interest

17. Relations with higher authorities

18. Municipal finance

19. Planning the great city

20. The problems summarized

21. The metropolitan region of tomorrow


Amsterdam, J.P. Wilschut

Bombay and Calcutta, Professor M. Verkatarangaia

Buenos Aires, Professor Rafael Bielsa

Chicago, Professor Robert A. Walker

Copenhagen, Dr Axel Holm

London, Professor William A. Robson

Los Angeles, Professor Winston W. Crouch and Professor Dean E. McHenry

Manchester, Lady Shena Simon

Montreal and Toronto, K.B. Callard

Moscow, Roger Simona and Maurice Hookham

New York, Professor Rexford Guy Tugwell

Paris, Brian Chapman

Rio de Janeiro, Jose Arthur Rios

Rome, Professor Giuseppe Chiarelli

Stockholm, Professor Gunnar Heckscher and Per HOlm

Sydney, Professor F.A. Bland

Wellington, Ralph H. Brookes

Zurich, Professor Max Imboden

Cologne, Lorenz Fischer and Peter van Hauten

Johannesburg, Dr L. P. Green

Tokyo and Osaka, Professor Masamichi Royama

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