Great Writers on Organizations : The Third Omnibus Edition book cover
3rd Edition

Great Writers on Organizations
The Third Omnibus Edition

ISBN 9781032180021
Published September 30, 2021 by Routledge
324 Pages

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Book Description

Great Writers on Organizations presents succinctly each of the contributions made by 80 of the most prominent management thinkers to the understanding of organizational behaviour and managerial thinking. Among those included are early theorists such as Henri Fayol, Frederick W. Taylor and Max Weber, classical writers such as Alfred D. Chandler, Peter Drucker and Frederick Herzberg, through to modern thinkers such as Oliver Williamson, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, and Charles Handy. New writers included in the Third Omnibus Edition are: Lex Donaldson, Stewart Clegg, Richard Whitley, Michel Foucault and Kathleen Eisenhardt. The volume is an indispensable resource for academics, students and managers on what the great writers have to say about the key managerial tasks of how to organize and motivate.

Table of Contents


1. The Structure of Organizations (Max Weber; Alvin W. Gouldner; Derek Pugh and the Aston Group, including John Child and David Hickson; Joan Woodward; Lex Donaldson; Elliot Jaques and the Glacier Investigations; Alfred D. Chandler; Oliver E. Williamson; Henry Mintzberg; Charles Handy; Christopher Bartle and Sumantra Ghoshal; Stewart Clegg)

2. The Organization in its Environment (Tom Burns; Paul Lawrence and Jay Lorsch; James D. Thompson; Jeffrey Pfeffer and Gerald R. Salancik; Raymond E. Miles and Charles C. Snow; Michael T. Hannan and John H. Freeman; Geert Hofstede; Richard Whitley)

3. The Functioning of Organizations (Chester I. Barnard; Wilfred Brown; Sir Geoffrey Vickers; E. Wight Bakke; Amitai Etzioni; David Silverman; Michel Foucault; Organizational Practices; C. Northcote Parkinson; Laurence J. Peter

4. The Management of Organizations (Henri Fayol; Lyndall F. Urwick and Edward F. L. Brech; Frederick W. Taylor; Harry Braverman and the ‘Labour Process’ Debate; Mary Parker Follett; Peter F. Drucker; Alfred P. Sloan; Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman; William Ouchi; Rosabeth Moss Kanter; Karl E. Weick)

5. Decision Making in Organizations (Herbert A. Simon; James G. March; Charles E. Lindblom; Victor H. Vroom; Michel Crozier; Arnold S. Tannenbaum)

6. People in Organizations (Elton Mayo and the Hawthorne Investigations; Rensis Likert and Douglas McGregor; Robert R. Blake and Jane S. Mouton; Edgar H. Schein; Frederick Herzberg; Fred E. Fiedler; Eric Trist and the Work of the Tavistock Institute; Edward E. Lawler)

7. Organizational Change and Learning (Paul J. DiMaggio and Walter W. Powell; Andrew Peigrew; Chris Argyris; Peter Senge; Kathleen M. Eisenhardt; Gareth Morgan)

8. The Organization in Society (Robert Michels; James Burnham; William H. Whyte; Kenneth E. Boulding; John Kenneth Galbraith; E. Fritz Schumacher)

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Derek S. Pugh is Emeritus Professor of International Management at the Open University Business School, UK. David J. Hickson is Emeritus Professor at the University of Bradford Management School, UK