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    Greek Painted Pottery has been used by classics and classical archaeology students for some thirty years. It thoroughly examines all painted pottery styles from the Protogeometric to the Hellenistic period from all areas of Greece and from the colonies in parts of Italy. In each case it covers the development of iconography and the use of colour, decorative motifs and the distinctive styles of each stage. It examines the most utilitarian pottery objects as well as some of the finest pieces produced by a flourishing civilisation. Other chapters cover the pottery industry and pottery-making techniques, including firing, the types of local clay which were used and inscription. This study also considers how one can date pottery and establish a chronology and the various methods by which these artefacts have been classified, preserved and collected.
    This is the third edition of this classic text, which has been extensively revised and includes a fully updated bibliography. This edition also includes coverage of new evidence and new theories which have surfaced since the book was last revised in 1972. With over 100 black and white photographs and plentiful line drawings, the new edition of this comprehensive text will be invaluable to students studying classical art, archaeology and art history.

    I: Introduction; II: The Protogeometric Style; III: The Geometric Style; IV: The Orientalizing and Black-Figure Styles; V: The Red-Figure Style; VI: Hellenistic Pottery with Painted Decoration; VII: Black-painted And Relief Wares; VIII: Shapes; IX: Technique; X: Inscriptions; XI: Chronology; XII: The Pottery Industry; XIII: Uses for Other Studies; XIV: Practical Comments; XV: The History of the Study of Vase-Painting


    R M Cook, R. M. Cook

    'This is the book on Greek painted pottery - an essential volume in any library on ancient Greece.' - Dr K. Stears, Edinburgh University, UK