1st Edition

Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Edited By Jimmy C.M. Kao, Wen-Pei Sung, Ran Chen Copyright 2015

    This book contains select green building, materials, and civil engineering papers from the 4th International Conference on Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering (GBMCE), which was held in Hong Kong, August 21-22, 2014. This volume of proceedings aims to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academics, and industry professionals from all over the world to present their materials, energy, environment, and civil engineering research results and development activities.

    GBMCE 2014 Committee 
    Analysis of reinforced concrete building structures using simple models 
    W. Kang, H. Chung & Y. Yungmin
    Green premium in green condo buildings? Evidence in Taiwan 
    F.-Y. Chen, I.-W. Peng, J.-H. Liang & Y.-Y. Liang
    To discussion the relationship between green building and regional housing price 
    T.-K. Hsieh, H.-Y. Tsai & Y.-R. Du
    Properties of asphalt mixtures with reclaimed material in Slovakia 
    S. Cápayová, A. Zuzulová & K. Bačová
    Solar technology of high-rise building integrated design in China 
    S.Y. Zhu & C.L. Ma
    A study of photovoltaic systems with a variable step size P&O MPPT algorithm 
    T.-C. Yu, C.-C. Liu, Y.-B. Lin, C.-H. Chen & Y.-C. Liou
    Experimental study on the axial behavior of perforated cold-formed steel wall frames 
    N.M. Mohsan, A. Sulaiman & M. Md. Tahir
    Integral analysis of laboratory and field electrical resistivity for soil density prediction 
    Z.A.M. Hazreek, A.T.S. Azhar, M. Aziman, S. Rosli, Z.A.M. Hazreek, A. Fauziah & W.D. Chitral
    Structural behaviour of Kekatong glued laminated timber railway sleepers under ‘sleepers static performance test’ 
    M.B. Norshariza, A.A. Bakar, Z. Ahmad & P. Tahir
    Vibration control of stay cable with double tuned mass damper 
    S. Luo, W. Liu & Z.S. Deng
    Biomass waste shells analysis and advanced gasification tests 
    L. Vecchione, M. Moneti, A.D. Carlo & E. Bocci
    Numerical simulation analysis on construction settlement of loess embankment 
    X.Q. Pang & Z.Q. Hu
    The effect of marketization of interest rate on the investing and financing of enterprise 
    X.-S. Zeng
    Application of viscous damper in reinforcement of frame structure 
    W. Han, M.J. Liao & X.Y. Jia
    Optimal dispatch of distributed generation system 
    D. Xu & P. Li
    Optimal allocation of distributed generation in smart grid 
    D. Xu & P. Li
    Regression, continuation, and innovation—contemplating upon the construction of livable communities 
    K. Yang
    On the study of spatial form and functional partition in the modern ceremony etiquette environment 
    Y. Li
    Analysis on the digital architectural construction of architectural surface 
    Y. Li
    Study the space environment accessories design and creation category 
    D. Wang
    The exchanged landscape: Reinterpretation of the site 
    D. Wang
    Analysis of Northeast Korean vernacular architectural landscape culture 
    Q. Yu & C.L. Wang
    Study on characteristics of the recycled cement mortar asphalt slurry 
    Z.L. Liu, Y.L. Du & J.J. Li
    Risk evaluation of hydroelectric asset-backed securitization using fuzzy triangular numbers 
    T. Ni, L. Tang & H. Wen
    The application of vortex squeeze expanding mechanism in geotechnical engineering 
    C.B. Li, S.F. Xue, R.G. Yu, Y.M. Zhang, M. Zhang, X.H. Liu & Z.J. Zhao
    Synthesis, characteristics conductivity of heteropoly compound Na6[MnMn(OH2)W11O39]·16H2O
    M.-X. Zhu, L.-Q. Chen & X.-M. Lin
    Study on seismic behavior of pre-cast concrete joint with the capacity of self-centering 
    Y. Zou, C. Li & Q. Wang
    A parallel FEA computing Kernel for ISSS 
    J. Duan, X.M. Chen, H. Qi & Y.G. Li
    The key points for ecological design during urbanization process 
    Z. Jia
    Optimal design of the flue size based on Lagrangian algorithm 
    R.N. Zhang & Y.J. Yu
    Numerical simulation of indoor air quality and thermal comfort in typical office with stratum ventilation 
    J. Xu & Y.J. Yu
    Urban Heat Island and its influencing indicator of new central district in Guangzhou city 
    P. Wang & Q.L. Meng
    Study on surface performances of oxidation- sulfonated cellulose based superplasticizer 
    K. Rouzi, M. Mahemuti & M. Mamuti
    Study on numerical simulation of gas drainage drilling of rock drift of coal seam floor 
    W. Wu, Y.Y. Wang & J. Zhu
    Hydraulic fracturing anti-reflection technique and applications in soft and low permeability coal seam 
    X.X. Chen, W. Wang, W.G. Jin, Y. Xu & X.X. Chen
    Research of MATLAB modeling and vector control of brushless double-fed machine 
    Y. Deng, X. Jin & J. Chen
    Two dimensional numerical simulation of the flow transport in bend drains 
    C. Yang, C.-G. Li, W.-J. Zhao & L.-X. Zheng
    Recommendations on the reconstruction of the old market building in Xiamen—a case study of Xiamen’s eighth market 
    J.H. He
    The application of payment guarantees to subcontracts 
    X.X. Ding & M.Y. Su
    Experimental study of double combination structural behavior of the negative bending region of concrete-partial-filled narrow-width steel box composite beams 
    H.L. Yang, Y. Zheng, X.K. Li, S. Li & S.X. Mo
    Optimize research in assessment system of green building indoor environment 
    X. Jiang & W. Cheng
    Seismic damage performance evaluation of special-shaped column frame 
    Y. Liu, X.M. Ren & H.B. Liu
    Design and construction of the high-support formwork for ningbo cultural plaza grand theare 
    Y. Huang, Z.Q. Dong, J.M. Gu & L.J. Liang
    Analysis of the settlement of CFG pile composite foundation 
    L. Xie & B. Tang
    Test of surface free energy of asphalt by digital image processing 
    Q.X. Pan, X.D. Zha, W. Chen & B. Yang
    Experimental research on the flexural behavior of a new type of I shaped prestressed concrete sheet pile 
    H.D. Xu, K. Teng, X.J. Fu & K. Yuan
    Tests on the seismic behavior of cavity wall with phase change materials based on simulation masonry building 
    J.L. Shang, T.G. Zhang, S.Y. Lei & H. Zhang
    The calculation of composite beam’s slippage formula and deflection formula considering the slippage of steel-concrete 
    X.J. Chen, Z. Tao & D.G. Zeng
    Experimental study on no reduction by biomass reburning in Northern China 
    D. Yang, X.J. Zhang, Q.W. Chen, M. Zhang & S.J. Wei
    Experimental study on changes of CaCO3 concentration in FGD of falling films reactor 
    D. Yang, X. Lu, S.J. Wei & M. Zhang
    Development and research status of renewable energy utilization in Shandong province 
    D. Yang, Q.M. Wen & S.J. Wei
    A new prefabricated construction method based on building industrialization 
    J.N. Luo, H.Y. Zhu & H. Zhang
    An analysis of landslide thrust of each row of double-row and embedded anti-slide piles 
    J. Xu, Y.G. Pang, A.H. Li & X.H. Xue
    The research for the influence between the WVD and the amplitude of signals 
    Z.H. Yuan, M.Y. Xu & X.X. Qi
    Relationship between the stroke length of hydraulic cylinder and the attitude angle of shield during rectification 
    Y.P. Song & Y.X. Sun
    Exploration of extend the service life of the residential buildings in cold area 
    H.M. Liu & Z.H. Liu
    Finite element method analysis on slope stability under seismic dynamic 
    G.Y. Zhou & X. Zuo
    The stability research of hinge-chained concrete block slopes under water pressure 
    H. Su
    Research on ecological planning design of waterfront landscape belt in cold regions—with the riverside of Jilin city as a case study 
    H.M. Liu & Y. Su
    Study on the influence of the particle damping to sound field inside the closed cavity 
    L. Hu, Z. Tang, Q.L. Yang & X. Xu
    Microstructure and mechanical properties analysis of GH3030 alloy activity TIG welding 
    X.G. Zhu, W. Wang & C.L. Yang
    Study on the promotion of Liaoning rural roof insulation project 
    J. Liu, D.Q. Chen & R.Q. Liu
    Research on preparation of sulfate resistance foam concrete 
    J. Liu, Z.Y. Huang, R.Q. Liu & T.B. Hou
    Low cycle fatigue properties of anti-seismic steel HRB400E reinforcing steel bars 
    Y.R. Luo, T. Zeng, L. Fu, H.B. Lin & M.F. Huang
    GRNN model in the application of mixed-sand pumping concrete research 
    H. Li & X.W. Cheng
    The research on of drivers’ shoulder fatigue when driving on the grassland highway 
    S.R.N. Bao, S.L. Zhu, C.H. Qi, M.X. Gao, H.T. Li & T. Zhao
    Effect of polypropylene fiber and silica fume on mechanical properties and durability improvement of high performance concrete 
    X.G. Zheng, J. Liu, S.M. Li, Z. Zeng, Z.C. Weng, D.J. Yang, D.H. Deng & R.S. Ding
    Reliability analysis of slope based on quantified Hoek-Brown strength criterion 
    H. Wu, X.C. Lin, J.G. Du & J.C. Xu
    Simulation of the superelasticity of shape memory alloys by MATLAB programming 
    Y.H. Ling, Y.M. Huang, H.W. Ma, G.L. Guo & Y.Z. Wu
    Planning of slow traffic system from top-down perspective: Case study of Ersha Island 
    J.Y. Wu & Z.Y. Zeng
    Analyzing the key chain of railway accident causation based on community detection method 
    H.W. Xin, K.P. Li, H.F. Huang & X. Ma
    The investigation of financing models of Chinese highway 
    D. Fu, B. Tang & L. Xie
    A feasibility study on the subgrade compaction rapid detection using portable gravity punch 
    H.K. Zheng, C. Li, W.M. Wang, C.Y. Liang & J.J. Liu
    Experimental study on flexural behavior of high titanium heavy slag concrete beam 
    J.W. Long, X.Y. Guo & L. Song
    Applicability analysis on index values of water stability of asphalt mixture 
    Q.X. Pan, G.P. Qian, H.F. Liu & T. Huang
    The regular study of dry density for shear strength parameters of loess 
    K.F. Yuan & Z.J. Sun
    The regular study of water content for strength index of loess 
    K.F. Yuan
    Study on type selection of shield equipment in different geological conditions 
    F. Lin, S.G. Chen & H. Zhang
    The effect of the soil state on the soil physical properties 
    L. Ma
    Reduction of NOx from biomass pyrolysis experiments 
    D. Yang, M. Zhang & X.J. Zhang
    Different approaches for energy saving in central air-conditioning system 
    L.H. Zhang, D. Yang, Y.X. Qu & L. Xu
    The analysis of hydraulic characteristics of central heating pipe network under typical conditions 
    L.H. Zhang, D. Yang, G.Y. Gao, Y.X. Qu & S.J. Jun
    Experimental study on recycled slag aggregate concrete-filled steel tube under axial compression 
    M.C. Chen, J.J. Liu & H. Huang
    Study of damage statistical elastic damage constitutive model for rock considering residual strength and threshold 
    Y.Q. Zhou, Q. Sheng, X.D. Fu, S.B. Chai & L.F. Li
    Experimental study on crack control of light gauge steel and foamed concrete wall 
    J.-J. Wang
    Study on the rutting resistance mechanism of Lucobit modifier 
    Y.M. Zhang, K. Wang & G.W. Hu
    Performance analysis and optimization of fuze TPV power supply 
    C.H. Yu, X.L. Qi & M. Gao
    The monitoring research on process of heat and moisture transfer in active layer of permafrost 
    M.L. Zhang, Z. Wen & K. Xue
    Triple objective evaluation model of green building based on whole life-cycle 
    Q.L. Han & X.L. Kong
    High-tech cabling system applied in green building 
    F. Fang & X.F. Yu
    Research and prospect on durability of reinforced concrete structures 
    Q.L. Li, X. Wang, Z.Z. Li, J.F. Li, X.M. Yang & Y.G. Han
    The research of selection of construction site of project based on grey correlation degree 
    Y.M. Lv, Y. Wei & L.Y. Zhang
    The research on developing eco-tourism in natural reserves in China 
    J.B. He & Z. Wang
    Numerical analysis of CFG pile arrangement by FLAC 
    L.H. Zhang, H.B. Liu & Q. Xu
    Measures to improve residential sound insulation property in Severe Cold region 
    Q.L. Zheng
    Equivalent solid-web beam method for steel truss based on the energy principle 
    Z.H. Zhang, X.P. Shu & M.L. He
    A realization method of massive log management system for crime forensics 
    H.-Y. Chen
    Research on the comprehensive evaluation of Cuplok Scaffolding 
    Y.R. Chen, L.J. Liu, W.G. Sun, L. Shen & P.Q. Yu
    Active control of structural vertical-vibration based on electromagnetic levitation technique 
    C. Xia, D.B. Fu & S.K. Liu
    Remedy chromium ions contaminated soil by electrolysis method 
    Z.Q. Zhang, Z. Gao, N. Liu, Y.W. He, Z. Wu, B.H. Lin, J.L. Chen & R.Y. Ma
    Statistical analysis of urban mass transit accidents and safety countermeasures study 
    Y.R. Fu & Y.D. Meng
    Study of minimum base shear on design seismic code 
    J. Setiawan & I. Imran
    Study of roadway layout in the σhv type in-situ stress field 
    P. Lv, X. Xi, L.-L. Shao & Z.-X. Zhang
    Study on the design of urban public facilities—take Hefei as an example 
    B. Zhang & B.N. Hu
    The application of conditional probability among step-stress accelerated life testing 
    H.H. Guo, C.R. Li, K.S. Wang & Y.C. Pang
    Effect of band drain spacing on the improvement of hydraulic filled ultra-soft soil foundation 
    A.H. Liang, Z.J. Chen & J. Yu
    Analysis on the influence of the thickness of external insulation layer of building envelope on building energy consumption in Sunan region 
    X.P. Feng & X. Liu
    An analysis of influence factors of income payment in developing countries 
    L. Zhang
    The authenticity of the images: “The Real Emotion”—reflection on the movies “Under the Hawthorn Tree” and “Avatar” 
    H.M. Lu
    Methods and measures of project cost implementation & control on all the stages of engineering project 
    J.X. Li
    A subgrade stability analysis method based on the strain monitoring information 
    Y.M. Xiang, W.X. Long, G.X. Ling & B. Du
    Research on differential settlement control standard of road subgrade in seasonal frozen area 
    Y.M. Xiang, W.X. Long, G.X. Ling & B. Du
    Analyzing the influential elements of FLAC strength reduction method of slope safety factor determined 
    J.L. Cai, Z.C. Ye, G. Li & L.H. Zhang
    Chaos behaviors of a class of constant-length substitutions and the hyperspace systems 
    W. Wang & X.G. Zhu
    Simulation tool application of energy consumption unit in sustainable residential building evaluation 
    Y. Su & Y. Fan
    Analysis of civil construction based on systems engineering theory 
    W.B. Xue & M.S. Yang
    The ventilation of traditional Veranda style architecture in Haikou 
    Y. Wang, X. Chen & Y.P. Wang
    Evaluation of compressive strength of Hardening concrete containing high calcium fly ash 
    W.J. Fan & X.Y. Wang
    Experiment validation of gravity feed liquid cooling evaporator simulation 
    Q.J. Liu, X.J. Ma, S.Y. Chen, F. Han & R.Q. Zhan
    Pricing and strategies of carbon emissions trading based on shadow price theory 
    S.Q. Li, X.Y. Wu, S.P. Hu & X. Sun
    Reliability distribution of traction system for rolling stock 
    S.J. Liu & Y. Lu
    Study on the problems and countermeasures of urban utility tunnel construction 
    J.H. Wu & D.Z. Wu
    Application study of green building technology in universities and colleges in cold regions 
    J. Qiu & L.B. Xia
    Research on the influence of lean of bridge piers on continuous rigid frame bridge 
    W.Z. Ying
    The channel investigation of BIM technology localization 
    E.T. Qie, Y. Li, Y.Y. Jiao & C.T. Wang
    The architectural style characteristics of Enshi Tujia Diaojiaolou from Peng 
    Y. Hong
    The calculation methods of property of the parallel composite isolation system 
    H. Yan & F.M. Pi
    Gas-pressure sintered Si3N4 fabricated by ceramics injection molding 
    X.F. Yang, J.H. Yang, X.W. Xu, M.M. Wang & Z.P. Xie
    Green SCC design algorithm and its performance 
    C.L. Hwang, Y. Risdianto, C.T. Chen, M.G. Tesfamariam, H.T. Phuoc, A.H. Limongan & B.L.A. Tuan
    Free and forced vibration of rectangular plates using the finite difference method 
    Y.S.A. Rjoub & O. Abdeljaber
    Tensile properties and water absorption of recycle polypropylene (rPP) / oil palm empty fruit bunch (OPEFB) composites: The effect of maleic anhydrate-g-polypropylene (MAPP) addition 
    H. Nasution
    Evaluation of structural stability for beam made of submarine structural steels (SM 400, SM 490) at high temperature 
    I.-K. Kwon, O.-S. Kweon, H.-Y. Kim & S.-U. Chae
    Design and making of conformal cooling system for cycle time reduction in curvature and complex shape mold component 
    M. Hearunyakij & S. Chatakom
    Study on the space layout of rural residents in Fusong county of Jilin Province 
    R.Q. Qie
    On the emotional orientation of surface architecture 
    H. Ma
    Effect of refrigerant charge and TXV opening on the performance of air-source heat pump water heater 
    Z.H. Wang
    Research on the urban plans of Xi’an (1950–1952) 
    Y. Xiao & Y.Y. Ren
    Integrating sustainability into design planning 
    R.J. Lu
    The research on the impact of external traffic organization of HOPSCA on urban space 
    Q.H. Hou & W.H. Wang
    An analysis on the social benefit of combining charities with road race events—with the 2011 Beijing marathon as a case 
    Q.S. Zhu
    The social effects of traditional sports in the Yifan festival of Molao people 
    Z.F. Huang & Y.L. Yang
    Contractor’s claims management evaluation 
    L.M. Jia & S. Lu
    Matrix transfer method of the curved-wall type tunnel lining structure calculation 
    J. Yin, R.G. Deng, Z.B. Zhong, P. Wang & M. Hu
    The use of virtual water trade in water resources optimization in Minqin 
    J.M. Han, M. Liu & Y. Chen
    Study on model and design of old-age residence 
    L.L. Li & Y. Li
    Practice of new regionalism—taking “Design of Business Street at Zhuang Yuan Road along Xishui Bahe” for example 
    Y. Yang, M.X. Zhang & Q. Huang
    The experimental study on mechanical properties of elephant grass stem 
    X. Liang, B. Fang, D.P. Ye & H.J. Hu
    Architecture value and protection strategy of Fortress settlement: A case study from Zhaibochang ancient residential 
    X.F. Bi, X.F. Bi, L. Wang & D.J. Xu
    Discussion of Strata division of Bingmagou formation in Yichuan of Yuxi region 
    J. Zhu, D.S. Zheng & S.H. Zhu
    Bon temples in Ding Qing of Qamdo 
    H.W. Qi, X.M. Zong & Y.P. Wang
    Study on innovation of Chinese elements in modern interior design 
    Y.F. Liu
    Adult picture book creation with mixed media-using a story of “Weirdness” as an example 
    R.L. Lin
    Adult picture book creation with mixed media-using a story of the case of the disappearing bodies as an example 
    R.L. Lin
    Adult picture book creation with mixed media–using a story of a crime of passion as an example 
    R.L. Lin
    Adult picture book creation with mixed media-using a story of “Forfeiting Lives” as an example 
    R.L. Lin
    Research on chinese rural public security evaluation system based on fishbone diagram analysis—a case study of South Dagang district for the first partition 
    M. Sun & S.Y. Wang
    Predict of loss of fuel during the road reconstruction in Indonesia 
    D.K. Sudarsana, H. Sulistio, A. Wicaksono & L. Djakfar
    Optimizing transportation system planning design for campus in severe cold climates 
    Y. Zhang & Z.G. Chen
    Research advances and engineering application of energy pile system 
    C. Yang, Z.R. Zhu, G.L. Dai & W.M. Gong
    Investment efficiency analysis on installing coal ash system in power plants 
    F. Dai, J. Fan & Y.L. Xu
    Exploration on the ecology dominant development pattern along the Changshuang road 
    L.M. Bai
    Research on the green space system planning of Changchun and eco-city construction 
    L.M. Bai
    The thinking of industrial heritage protection and reuse under the background of urban renewal 
    L.M. Bai
    Influence factors analysis of sulfate attack for cement concrete 
    Y.-C. Zhang & L.-L. Gao
    Experimental study on cementation strength of unsaturated granite residual soil 
    L.S. Tang, H.T. Sang, X.B. Deng, Z.G. Luo & H.K. Chen
    Application and experiment research on diaphragm wall foundation in bridge engineering 
    L. Wang, W.M. Gong, G.L. Dai & H. Guo
    The influence of shrinkage-reducing agent on the early-age shrinkage under the different curing system and mechanical properties of concrete 
    Q.W. Fang, J.Y. Lai, X.Q. Qian & K. Dong
    Value for money and its application for infrastructure investment projects 
    J. Ceselsky, J. Kucera, B. Vojvodikova, M. Ferko & Z. Proske
    Finite element analysis of beam from rolled IPN 160 
    O. Sucharda, J. Vasek & D. Mikolasek
    Numerical modeling of rotary stiffness of joint for rails 
    O. Sucharda, D. Mikolasek, J. Brozovský & L. Zidek
    Research on the influence of section size error on height of main beam on continuous rigid frame bridge 
    T.-L. Wan
    Classification and discussion of fastening system of ballastless track 
    J.C. Huang & C.H. Li
    The compared study of flexible central buckles cable girder anchorage system of steel truss girder suspension bridge 
    C.-D. Yang
    Study of greenway site selection based on cultural route: Research on grassland silk road (from Xanadu to Zhongdu) 
    P. Zhou, J.Y. Wu, X.F. Wu & Y.W. Huang
    Gaussian model investigation in modeling of air pollution diffusion using Geographic Information System (GIS) 
    F. Sabbagh, A. Afshari, M. Hassanzadeh, S. Kaveh & M. Amiri
    A comparative analysis to prioritize renewable energy alternatives using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process 
    V. Baratzadeh, S. Kaveh, Y. Edrisian, F. Sabbagh & A. Afshari
    Construction of a green golf club buildings on undermined area 
    R. Cajka, P. Labudek, K. Burkovic & M. Cajka
    Effect of the special environments on bond behavior of CFRP anchor 
    W.-R. Yang, X.-J. He, K. Zhang, W.-R. Yang & P. Zhang
    Research on tonga traditional houses adaptive to environment 
    S. Jin, H. Huang & Z. Yang
    Innovative design of integrated facility for the aged based on green building concept 
    Y. Chen & Y. Liu
    Simulation on visitor evacuation in large-space exhibition building 
    Y. Liu, Y. Chen & Q.C. Jiang
    Investigation on bond-slip behavior between shape memory alloy and concrete by finite element method 
    D. Cui
    Study on architecture technology safety management 
    S. Wang
    Research on properties of GCL in MSW land 
    X.B. Xiong
    The analysis of the contrasted love in women in love 
    H.Y. Du, X.N. Peng & L. Zhang
    Design of a pallet pool in inner Mongolia 
    J.W. Ren
    Design of a harbor station in Nansha Islands 
    J.W. Ren, J.W. Cao & X. Wei
    Re-discussion on the measurement of tourist environment capacity in large-scale scenic areas 
    K.Q. Wang & Q. Bai
    The design of dual purpose crib based on man-machine research 
    L.-L. Liu & J. Bian
    A design study on optoelectronic textiles in cases of LED lighting and solar powered handbags 
    J.-Y. Shih, S.-L. Lai & H.-T. Cheng

    Author index


    Jimmy C.M. Kao, Wen-Pei Sung, Ran Chen