1st Edition

Green Coffee Bean Extract in Human Health

Edited By Debasis Bagchi, Hiroyoshi Moriyama, Anand Swaroop Copyright 2017
    264 Pages 48 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    264 Pages 48 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The role of green coffee bean (GCB) in human health is of emerging interest to the nutraceutical field, especially given its role in improving metabolic syndrome, including weight management, hypertension, diabetes, and neuroprotection. GCB extract contains a novel antioxidant known as chlorogenic acid (also caffeoylquinic acid), which has been shown to positively affect blood pressure, brain health, diabetes, and weight management. This book provides information on the diverse health benefits of green coffee bean extract, molecular mechanisms and signaling pathways, safety of GCB, dosage, and recommended usage. It focuses on the chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, and safety of GCB extract.

    GCB extract has brought a remarkable revolution in the nutraceutical marketplace. However, some controversies have been demonstrated recently. This book presents the state-of-the-art research studies from eminent scientists around the world on the potential and diversified health benefits of GCB extracts, with particular emphasis placed on the importance to standardize the appropriate extraction technology, quality control and assurance, and broad spectrum safety studies and human clinical studies to substantiate the regulatory claims and position the product in the marketplace.

    Green Coffee Bean Extract and Chlorogenic Acids: Chemistry and Novel Antioxidant Benefits
    Rajesh K. Kesharwani, Prabhakar Singh, and Raj Kumar Keservani

    Chlorogenic Acids in Green Coffee Bean Extract Are a Key Ingredient in Food with Health and Function Claims
    Hiroyoshi Moriyama, Orie Yoshinari, and Debasis Bagchi

    Chlorogenic Acids from Green Coffee Beans: Standard Quality and Extraction Methods
    Natalia Pandjaitan

    Occurrence in Plants and In Vitro, Animal and Human Metabolism of Chlorogenic Acids
    Maurice J. Arnaud

    Mechanism of the Inhibition by Chlorogenic Acids against Postprandial Increase in Blood Glucose Level
    Yusaku Narita and Kuniyo Inouye

    Beneficial Effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract and Coffee Polyphenols on Metabolic Syndrome
    Ichiro Tokimitsu

    Antiobesity Profile of Green Coffee Extract
    Hiroshi Shimoda

    Antihypertension Effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract and Chlorogenic Acids
    Ichiro Tokimitsu and Atsushi Suzuki

    Therapeutic Potential of Green Coffee Bean in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
    Rama P. Nair, Debasis Bagchi, Anand Swaroop, and Sreejayan Nair

    Caffeic Acid and Its Biological Effects on Brain Function
    Myra O. Villareal, Yuki Sato, and Hiroko Isoda

    Coffee and Cognition: Extending Our Understanding beyond Caffeine
    Karen Nolidin, Christina Kure, Andrew Scholey, and Con Stough

    Nontargeted Metabolomics Reveal Changes in Chlorogenic Acids in Ripening Coffea arabica Green Beans
    Koichi Nakahara

    Effect of Green Coffee Bean Extract on Nrf2/ARE Pathway
    Mirza Sarwar Baig and Raj Kumar Keservani

    Metabolomics Study of Green Coffee Beans
    Anh Hong Phan, Takuya Miyakawa, and Masaru Tanokura


    Debasis Bagchi, PhD, is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston College of Pharmacy, Houston, Texas, USA

    Hiroyoshi Moriyama, PhD, is a Researcher at the Faculty of Pharma-Science, Laboratory of Drug and Gene Delivery Research, Teikyo University, Tokyo, Japan