1st Edition

Green Energy Economies The Search for Clean and Renewable Energy

Edited By John Byrne, Young-Doo Wang Copyright 2014
    382 Pages
    by Routledge

    381 Pages
    by Routledge

    Green Energy Economies offers insight into the major drivers that are shaping a new future powered by clean energy sources. Assembling cutting-edge researchers as contributors, the book provides a comprehensive account of the shift underway, examining in detail the complexities and intricacies involved with such a transition.

    The book first details the promises and problems of a green energy transition. Next, it explores the economic benefits that a comprehensive strategy toward a green energy economy might create. Then it investigates how communities will be affected and explores the social, cultural, and other changes that are likely to result. Finally, it explores the shift toward new technologies in-depth. Green Energy Economies concludes with policy options that support a transition to a better energy, environmental, and economic future.

    The contributors argue that a green energy economy offers great promise, but its realization will require making hard choices, and soon. They argue for investments in renewable energy and economic systems that can deliver a sustainable and equitable future. This book makes a forceful case for a green future.

    AcknowledgmentsPart I: Promises and Threats1. The Promise of a Green Energy Economy John Byrne, Young-Doo Wang, Job Taminiau, and Leon Mach 2. The (New) Thirty Years' War: Fighting for Global Energy Dominance Michael T. Klare 3. Listening to the Planet and Building a Sustainable Energy Economy Daniel M. KammenPart II: The Economic Opportunity4. Job Creation through Green Energy Economy Robert Wendling and Roger Bezdek 5. The Link between Energy Efficiency, Useful Work, and a Robust Economy John A. Skip Laitner 6. A Green Energy Manufacturing Stimulus Strategy Jon RynnPart III: The Need for New Communities7. Transitioning to Eco-Cities: Reducing Carbon Emissions while Improving Urban Welfare Susan Roaf 8. Energized: The Evolution of the Modern Building Peter C. Syrett 9. Sustainable Transport: Managing Auto Dependence through Travel Time Budgets Peter Newman and Lee SchipperPart IV: Changing the Technology Base10. High Efficiency Photovoltaics Lead to Low Energy Cost Allen Barnett and Xiaoting Wang 11. The Need for a Storage Revolution for a Green Energy Economy Bryan Yonemoto, Gregory Hutchings, and Feng Jiao 12. Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Current Status and Potential for Future Deployment Ajay K. Prasad 13. Nuclear Power: Is It Worth the Risks? Kathleen M. Saul and John H. PerkinsPart V: Policy Agenda14. Why a Green Energy Economy Requires a Smart Grid Miriam Horn and Elizabeth B. Stein 15. Integrated Green Energy Approaches Peter D. Lund 16. Drivers for Change Job Taminiau, Young-Doo Wang, and John ByrneContributorsIndex


    John Byrne