1st Edition

Green Internet of Things

By Bandana Mahapatra, Anand Nayyar Copyright 2023
    144 Pages 44 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Green Internet of Things (IoT) envisions the concept of reducing the energy consumption of IoT devices and making the environment safe. Considering this factor, this book focuses on both the theoretical and implementation aspects in green computing, next-generation networks or networks that can be utilized in providing green systems through IoT-enabling technologies, that is, the technology behind its architecture and building components. It also encompasses design concepts and related advanced computing in detail.

    • Highlights the elements and communication technologies in Green IoT

    • Discusses technologies, architecture and components surrounding Green IoT

    • Describes advanced computing technologies in terms of smart world, data centres and other related hardware for Green IoT

    • Elaborates energy-efficient Green IoT Design for real-time implementations

    • Covers pertinent applications in building smart cities, healthcare devices, efficient energy harvesting and so forth

    This short-form book is aimed at students, researchers in IoT, clean technologies, computer science and engineering cum Industry R&D researchers.

    1. Introduction to fundamentals to IoT 1.1. Technology behind the Internet of Things 1.2. Building blocks underlying IoT Architecture 1.3. Internet of things Communications Models 1.4. IoT Applications 1.5. Internet of Things architecture: Internet of Things architecture: A Case study 2. The elements of Green IoT: Architecture and components 2.1. Introduction 2.2. Identification 2.3. Sensor based Devices 2.4. Computation 2.5 Services 2.6. Semantics 2.7. Layered Architecture of Green IoT 2.8. Energy optimization techniques in IoT technologies 2.9. Issues and challenges 2.10. Conclusion and Future work 3. Advanced Computing for Green IoT 3.1. Introduction 3.2. Sensor Objects in Green IoT 3.3. Cloud Computing for Green IoT 3.4. Edge Computing for -IoT 3.5. Smart world contribution for Green IoT 3.6. Conclusions and Future Work 4. Energy Efficient Design towards Green IoT 4.1. Introduction 4.2. Energy conservation techniques 4.3. System Model for energy efficient Green IoT Network 4.4. Energy Efficient Devices 4.5. Green Design 4.6. Green RFID Technology 4.7. Green Wireless Sensor Network Technology 4.8. Green Cloud Computing Technology 4.9. Green Machine to Machine Technology 4.10. Green Data Center Technology 4.11. Green Communication and Networking 4.12. Green Internet Technologies 4.13. Conclusion and Reference 5. Impact and Application of green IoT in various fields 5.1. Introduction 5.2. Environmental Impact of Green IoT Devices 5.3. Industrial Applications of green IoT 5.4. Critical problems faced while implementing Green IoT in various field 5.5. Case Study: Impact of Smart Phones on the Environment in Present and Future Trends


    Dr. Bandana Mahapatra received her B.Tech. degree from Krupajal Engineering College, Bhubaneswar, India in 2005; M.Tech. degree from the Institute of Technical Education and Research, BPUT, in 2008; and Ph.D. degree from Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan University, in 2018. She is currently working as Assistant Professor with the Symbiosis Skills and Professional University, School of Data Science. She has eight years of expertise in teaching, entrepreneurship and research and development, with a specialization in computer science engineering subjects. She has been granted 10 Indian patents and has published 20+ research papers in reputed SCI/SCOPUS journals from Springer, Elsevier, and Bentham Science; and seven articles in reputed Scopus indexed international conferences including IEEE, Springer and Elsevier. She has authored more than 12 chapters in reputed publications such as CRC, SJM, and IGI Global Publications with many more still in the pipeline. Her research interests are security, IoT, artificial intelligence, swarm optimization, cloud security, ad hoc network, and many more.

    Dr. Anand Nayyar received his Ph.D. (Computer Science) from Desh Bhagat University in 2017 in wireless sensor networks and swarm intelligence. He is currently working in the School of Computer Science–Duy Tan University, Da Nang, Vietnam as Assistant Professor, Scientist, Vice-Chairman (Research) and Director-IoT and Intelligent Systems Lab. He is a certified professional with 100+ professional certificates from CISCO, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Beingcert, EXIN, GAQM, Cyberoam and many more. He has published more than 150+ research papers in various high-quality ISI-SCI/SCIE/SSCI Impact Factor journals cum Scopus/ESCI indexed journals; 100+ papers at international xii Authors conferences indexed with Springer, IEEE Xplore and ACM Digital Library; 40+book chapters in various Scopus Web of Science indexed books with Springer, CRC Press, Elsevier and more with citations: 6000+, H-index: 40 and I-Index: 150. He is a member of more than 50+ associations as a senior and life member, including IEEE and ACM. He has authored/co-authored as well as edited 30+ books on computer science. He is associated with more than 500+ international conferences as programme committee/chair/advisory board/review board member. He has 18 Australian patents, 50 Indian design cum utility patents, 3 Indian copyright, 2 Canadian copyrights and 5 German patents to his credit in the areas of wireless communications, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, IoT and image processing. He has been awarded 40+ awards for teaching and research—Young Scientist, Best Scientist, Young Researcher Award, Outstanding Researcher Award, Excellence in Teaching and many more. He is acting as Associate Editor for Wireless Networks (Springer), Computer Communications (Elsevier), International Journal of Sensor Networks (IJSNET) (Inderscience), Frontiers of Computer Science, Peer J Computer Science, Human Centric Computing, and Information Sciences (HCIS), IETQuantum Communications, IET Wireless Sensor Systems, IET Networks, IJDST, IJISP, IJCINI and IJGC. He is acting Editor-in-Chief at IGI-Global for a USA journal titled the International Journal of Smart Vehicles and Smart Transportation (IJSVST). He has reviewed more than 2,000+ articles for various Web of Science indexed journals. His current research focuses on the areas of wireless sensor networks, IoT, swarm intelligence, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, drones, blockchain, cyber security, network simulation and wireless communications.