1st Edition

Green Nanotechnology

By Oleg Figovsky, Dmitry Beilin Copyright 2017
    558 Pages 8 Color & 165 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    558 Pages 8 Color & 165 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    Green nanotechnology has two goals: producing nanomaterials and products without harming the environment or human health, and producing nanoproducts that provide solutions to environmental problems. It uses existing principles of green chemistry and green engineering to make nanomaterials and nanoproducts without toxic ingredients, at low temperatures using less energy and renewable inputs wherever possible, and using lifecycle thinking in all design and engineering stages.

    The production and process aspects of green nanotechnology involve both making nanomaterials in a more environmentally benign fashion and using nanomaterials to make current chemical processes more environmentally acceptable.

    This book contains information about advanced nanomaterials that can be produced without harming the environment or human health. This encompasses the production of nanomaterials without environmental toxicity, at room temperature and with the use of renewable energy sources. The book contains the descriptions and results of theoretical and experimental researches in the field of environment friendly nanotechnology carried out over the past decade by the scientific team of company Polymate Ltd.-International Nanotechnology Center (Israel) under leadership of Prof. O. Figovsky. Developments of the Company have been used in industry and agriculture and protected by more than 25 patents of USA, Germany and Russia.

    Nanostructured Composites Based on Interpenetrated Polymer Networks

    Nanocomposites Based on Hybrid Organo-Silicate Matrix

    Polymer Nanocomposites with High Resistance to Aggressive Environment

    Environmental Friendly Method of Production of Nanocomposites and Nanomembranes

    Nanotechnology in Production of Bioactive Paints, Coatings and Food Storage Materials

    Green Nanostructured Biodegradable Materials

    Nanotechnology in Agriculture


    Oleg Figovsky is the founder of the Polymate Ltd.-International Nanotechnology Research Centre (http://polymateltd.com) and its director of R&D, where he is working on research in nanostructured corrosion resistant composite materials and protective coatings based on a polymer and silicate matrix. Novel nanotechnologies invented by Prof. O. Figovsky were the basis for establishing industrial production in the US, Canada, China, Mexico, Russia, and Israel. He is a member of the European Academy of sciences, two Russian academies of sciences (RAASN and REA) and head of the UNESCO Chair "Green Chemistry." For his inventions in nanotechnologies he was awarded gold and silver medals at IENA-98 and the Gold Angel Prize at the Genius 2006 exhibition. Prof. O. Figovsky has authored books, more than 300 scientific articles and 500 patents.

    Dmitry Beilin is head of the laboratory at the Polymate Ltd.-International Nanotechnology Research Center (http://polymateltd.com). His fields of interest include structural theory, thin-walled space structures, NDT diagnostics in industry and construction, and the strength of polymer composite materials. Dr. Beilin has authored books, more than 100 scientific articles and holds 5 patents.