1st Edition

Greenergized A Business Fable on Clean Energy

By Dennis Posadas Copyright 2013

    Renewable energy versus fossil fuels: the debate rages on, worldwide. At stake is nothing less than the protection of our planet from the ravages of climate change. But the costs involved in making the switch to clean energy are daunting. How do we pay for solar and wind energy? Do we scrap all our gasoline-driven autos? How do we move forward?Although the importance of this topic is hard to overstate, it nevertheless consistently fails to engage at the level that it so patently needs to. This is what has led technology expert and seasoned commentator Dennis Posadas to approach the issues in a new and intriguing way. Posadas understands that we respond best to narratives, and that is why he has written what he describes as a "green thinking fable".

    In this fable, we meet Daniel, a young graduate of the fictional Oriental College, who is thrust into a debate between José, an oil man, and Professor Ruiz, an advocate of clean energy. We follow the lines of argument as Daniel's awareness increases, and he experiences a paradigm shift in his thinking. We see how his short-term outlook focusing on the cost of renewable energy evolves into long-term thinking about the cost of not making the shift to renewables.

    Posadas's business fable puts the issues in front of the general reader in an engaging and digestible way. It covers concepts such as solar, wind, electric vehicles, waste to energy, feed-in-tariffs, carbon tax, intermittent sources, cost of fossil fuels, health impact of fossil fuel use, energy efficiency, and other relevant topics necessary for understanding this debate. The story and characters may be fictional, but the situations and the technology discussions are based on current facts. Decide for yourself where you stand on the renewables versus fossil fuels debate, and discuss this story with your friends and colleagues.

    Greenergized is a much-needed route into the issues surrounding the most serious debate our generation faces. And it pulls off the brilliant trick of being highly readable at the same time.

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    Dennis Posadas