1st Edition

Greenland's Economy and Labour Markets

Edited By Laust Høgedahl Copyright 2022
    186 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    186 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book explores structural changes in Greenland’s economy and labour markets due to the transformative effects of climatic changes and growing international attention. It offers multidisciplinary perspectives from economists, sociologists, and political scientists to demonstrate how the Greenlandic economy works.

    Due to an increasing focus on the Arctic area and Greenland in particular, the book seeks to understand the functioning and dynamics of Greenland’s labour economy, as well as the challenges that arise from the melting ice and internationalisation. It fills a substantive gap in the existing literature by compiling research on these critical subjects and exploring current and future opportunities for labourers. Today, Greenland is reliant on large financial subsidies from Denmark to provide for a large share of its national budget. This fuels Greenland’s political ambition to gain greater independence from Denmark, which requires more private sector growth to develop a sustainable economy. This book thus contains an exhaustive introduction to important business development themes such as macroeconomics, markets, labour supply, labour market policies, and institutions and considers Greenland’s colonial past, great Inuit heritage, and unique geography and nature to re-shape its economy and labour markets. Informed by a lucid writing style, each chapter casts light on different economic and social issues of Greenland.

    This is the first international book on Greenland’s economy which discusses its geopolitical importance and prospects for the Arctic region. It will be a valuable point of reference for students and academics of economics, Arctic research and political economy.

    1. Introduction – The Peculiarities of Greenland’s Economy and Labour Markets and the Driving Forces of Change
    Laust Høgedahl

    2. The Greenlandic Economy – Structure and Prospects
    Torben M. Andersen

    3. The Political Economy of Greenland: From Colonialism to a Mixed Economy
    Javier L. Arnaut

    4. The Greenlandic Employment System—Thorny Tasks and Ambitious Targets
    Helle Holt and Frederik Thuesen

    5. Mapping the Greenlandic Labour Supply—Evidence From Greenland’s First Labour Force Survey
    Cecilie Krogh and Laust Høgedahl

    6. Social Security and Barriers to Labour Market Participation
    Niels Jørgen Mau Pedersen

    7. Individual Factors Associated With Labour Market Participation in Greenland
    Rasmus Lind Ravn and Laust Høgedahl

    8. Gender and the Greenlandic Labour Market
    Helene Pristed Nielsen

    9. Neets and Disadvantaged Groups Not in Employment in Greenland - A National and International Perspective
    Rasmus Lind Ravn


    Laust Høgedahl is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Labour Market Research (CARMA), Department for Politics & Society, Aalborg University, Denmark. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Political Science and does research within the academic fields of industrial relations and labour market regulations.