1st Edition

Grief Support Group Curriculum Facilitator's Handbook

    The Grief Support Group Curriculum provides a basis for assisting children and teenagers as they learn about mourning through facing death of a close or special friend. The aim of this curriculum is to facilitate healthy variations of mourning and positive adaptations following the death of a friend or family member. The work illustrates mourning in four stages of development and is accordingly divided into four separate texts. The texts focus on preschool-aged children, children in kindergarten through grade two, children in grades three through six, and teenagers.

    History, Philosophy, and Format of the Mourning Child Curriculum. Developmental Considerations of Mourning Children. Facilitators Guide to Coordinating a Support Group for Mourning Children. Resources for Mourning Children and Their Families.


    Linda Lehmann, Shane R.Jimerson, Ann Gaasch

    "Each of these Mourning Child grief support curriculum editions is intended to help children who have experienced the death of someone special, and is designed for professionals who work in settings that serve bereaved children. Each cirriculum contains 10-session lesson plans that include age-appropriate activities to ease the way for discussion of painful topics." -- Bernard Cesarone, ERIC/EECE Report Helping Children Deal with Trauma and Terrorism
    "This set of books is definitely worth purchasing for the therapist or counselor who deals with or is affected by children who are coping with the issues of death. Even though we live in an era which heralds amazing medical advances death continues to be a part of life so therefore grief counseling, especially in the lives of children and adolescents, needs to be an integral part of our counseling and therapy." -- American Journal of Pastoral Counseling
    "...the principles it describes apply to all young people's grief support groups. It would, therefore, be a useful, practically-based introduction for anyone wishing to set up and facilitate such groups elsewhere...this handbook offers a valuable, easy-to-read, basic introduction to children's grief groups, addressing many of the facilitating issues for those who work, or plan to work, with bereaved young people." -- Mary Jones, Bereavement Counsellor and Trainer