1st Edition

Ground Freezing 2000 - Frost Action in Soils

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J.F. Thimus

ISBN 9789058091703
Published January 1, 2000 by CRC Press
370 Pages

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Book Description

There has been increasing interest in the use of Artificial Ground Freezing (AGF) in forming efficient barriers to prevent pollution penetrating geological deposits. This volume includes papers on heat and mass transfer, frost susceptibility and frost heave, and mechanical properties.

Table of Contents

Preface -- Organisation -- Availability of ISGF-papers -- Availability of papers in Frost in Geotechnical Engineering Heat and mass transfer -- Evolution of the pavement surface temperature in winter conditions: Geotechnical and thermal properties effects /A M. Cames-Pintaux, P. Lerat & A Dupas -- Research of hydrate and ice formation in soils during cyclic fluctuations of temperature /E.M.Chuvilin,E.V.Perlova,N.AMakhonina & V.S.Yakushev -- Calculating determination on the critical heights of embankment in the degrading permafrost regions /D.Li, ZWu, J.Fang & Y.Li -- Effective means of solving the problem of temperature regime control of ground foundation in cryolitho-zone /M.M.Dubina, G.M.Dolgikh & Yu.EKintsler -- Rain falling on a frozen ground /M.Fremond & R.Lassoued -- Convective heat transfer in railway embankment ballast /D.J.Goering, Alnstanes & S.Knudsen -- Generalized model of heat and mass transfer for freezing and thawing soils under load /J. B. Gorelik &V.S. Kolunin -- The effect of the construction of revetment in the side of embankment /F.Ling, ZZeng &L.X.Zhang -- Impact of construction seasons on maximum thawing depth of a roadbed /F.Ling, ZZeng &L.X.Zhang -- Influence of snow cover properties on migration of moisture in the course of grounds freezing /N. I. Osokin, R. S. Samoilov; A V.Sosnovskiy & V.A Zhidkov -- A model for the formation of ice lenses in an unconfined, water-saturated, porous medium consisting of spherical particles /K.Watanabe, Y.Muto & M.Mizoguchi -- Frost susceptibility and frost heave -- A method for controlling stationary frost heaving /S Akagawa -- Soil behaviour during artificial freezing - Part 1: Frost heaving 3D tests /H.Cote, J.F.Thimus, R.Rijkers & M.Naaktgeboren -- Freezing kinetics, thermal strains and heaving of frozen soils /S. E. Grechishchev -- Frost deterioration of historical stone monuments and brick buildings and its preventive measures /T.Ishizaki -- Frost heaving of rock, and its assessment /A Kagan & N. Krivonogova -- Assessment of subgrade frost susceptibility from soil index properties /J.-M. Konrad -- Lateral deformation of clay soil during freezing under axi-symmetric stress /T.Ono -- Heat, water and stress fields of saturated soil during freezing /P.He, GCheng & Y.Zhu -- Application of experimental inversion method to analyzing the characteristics of frozen fringe /P.Li&X.Xu -- Test approach to determine frost heave susceptibility of flyash as subgrade material /W.Gao, X.Song & Y.Wang -- Centrifugal modelling of foundation frost heave and thaw settlement /X /Chen, J.Pu,XLuo & KYin -- The freezing-thawing characteristics of salinized soil in Jingtai irrigated area of China /L.Zhang, X.Xu & W.Han -- Mechanical properties -- Frozen soil and rock deformations under dynamic and static mechanical stresses /A.D.Frolov, O.KVoronkov & Yu.D.Zykov -- Experimental study on the dynamic creep strength of frozen soil under dynamic loading with confining pressure /H.Li, Y.Zhu &P.He -- Quantitative study on structure of frozen soil /J.Qi & Y.Zhu -- Effect of pendulum mass and water content on the impact toughness of frozen Lanzhou loess /Q.Yu, Y.Zhou&P.He -- Approach to a unified description of creep in frozen soil under constant and varying stress /Y.Sheng&ZWu -- Effect of consolidating process on stress-strain behaviour of artificially frozen soil /W.Ma, ZWu &X.Chang -- Analyses of deformation in frozen clayey soils /W.Ma,X.Chang & Y.Zhu -- Environmental soil freezing -- Behaviour of metallic pollutants during the freezing of dilute clay suspensions /G.Gay & AAzouni -- Engineering and economic variables of long duration frozen barriers /E.L.Long & E.YarmakJr -- Thermal stability of frozen soil under human activities /Q.Wu, Y.Zhu & Y.Liu -- Seasonal dynamics of the width of talik zones in river valleys /F.M.Rivkin & V. I.Aksenov -- Large-scale technological brines burial into permafrost /S.AVelikin, O.AKuchmin, AM. Snegirev & AD.Frolov -- Engineering design -- Engineering application of frozen ground multifunctional model /M.M.Dubina -- Mechanical stability analysis on frozen wall for supporting deep excavation in soft soil /F.Niu & W.Ni -- Effects of Leca insulation in roads and railways /T.Furuberg, AWatn & KO.Amundsgard -- Life-cost analysis of a road on the basis of frost heave and probability /K.Gustavsson -- Some design problems for roads on permafrost under global change conditions /V.D.Kazarnovsky, V.M.Yumashev & S.E.Grechishchev -- Phi analysis method of thermal design of structure foundations /E.L.Long -- Simple application of a convective heat transfer boundary in a FEM freezing analysis /G.P.Newman & L.Lam -- A permafrost foundation analysis /O.Ravaska & E.Vesala -- Soil behaviour during artificial freezing - Part 2: Application in bored tunnels /R.Rijkers, M.Naaktgeboren, H.Cote, J.-EThimus & M.Visschedijk -- Frost heave design of pavements, the Finnish approach /S. Saarelainen -- Development of effective slope protection technique in cold regions /K.Takeda & T.Itoh -- Elastic visco-plastic nonlinear analysis for earthquake response of tunnels in cold regions /Y.Lai, ZWu, Y.Zhu & LZhu -- Case histories -- The Oslofjord subsea tunnel, a case record /A-L.Berggren -- Long-term results of thermal stabilization of pile foundations on permafrost /V.N. Feklistov, A N. Nesterov & J. B. Gorelik -- Artificial freezing of ground in the base of deformed buildings in the North of Russia /V.I.Grebenets, S.N.Titkov & D.S.Bakcheev -- Ground freezing at Fembahntunnel Lot 3 in Berlin /J.Greinacher & M.Loffler -- Westerscheldetunnel - Use of brine freezing for the construction of the traverse galleries /H. Hafi, R. Jagow-Klajf & H.-W. Seidel -- Design of ground freezing as temporary support during the construction of underground structures of the subway line ‘U5’ in Berlin /H. Hafi & J. Seegers -- Evaluation of countermeasures for 1.10 MPa frost expansion pressure using a new measurement system /KOkubo, T.Okamoto, KRyokai &H.Izuta -- In-situ sonic test of seasonally frozen ground in Lanzhou, China /J.Zhang, Y.Zhu & Q.Yu -- Berlin... on the rocks! /H.Azer &J. Klein -- Artificial ground freezing of the McArthur River uranium ore deposit /G. P. Newman & D. Maishman -- Sinking and lining of the Mol No. 2 freeze shaft /T. Oellers & D. De Bruyn -- Soil freezing with LIN under environmental aspects /D. Rebhan & A Buinger -- Ground freezing failures: Causes & preventions /J. A Shuster -- Investigative and remedial methods for breach in a frozen shaft /J. A Sopko & B. Braun -- Application of freezing method to shift down an exiting tunnel /T.Kamata, T.Morioka, T.Suzue, T.Hirano, T.Hashimoto, T.Konda,LNakai & Y.Kitamura -- Author index.

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