3rd Edition

Grounding Religion A Field Guide to the Study of Religion and Ecology

    332 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    332 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Now in its third edition, Grounding Religion explores relationships between the environment and religious beliefs and practices. Established scholars introduce students to the ways religion shapes and is shaped by human–earth relations, surveying a series of key issues and questions, with particular attention to issues of environmental degradation, social justice, ritual practices, and religious worldviews.

    Case studies, discussion questions, and further readings enrich students’ experience. This third edition features updated content, including revisions of every chapter and new material on religion and the environmental humanities, sexuality and queer studies, class, ability, privilege and power, environmental justice, extinction, biodiversity, and politics.

    An excellent text for undergraduates and graduates alike, it offers an expansive overview of the academic field of religion and ecology as it has emerged in the past fifty years and continues to develop today.


    Whitney A. Bauman, Richard Bohannon, and Kevin J. O’Brien

    Part I: Concepts

    1. Religion: What Is It, Who Gets to Decide, and Why Does It Matter?

    Whitney A. Bauman, Richard Bohannon, and Kevin J. O’Brien

    2. Grounding Religion in the Environmental Humanities

    Kate Rigby and Laurel Kearns

    3. Ecology: Context, Interconnectedness, and Complexity

    Whitney A. Bauman, Richard Bohannon, and Kevin J. O’Brien

    Part II: Intersectional Locations

    4. Taking Indigeneity Seriously

    Dana Lloyd

    5. Gender

    Amanda M. Nichols

    6. Sexuality and Queer Studies

    Whitney A. Bauman

    7. The Poor of the Earth

    Miguel A. de la Torre

    8. Race

    Carol Wayne White

    9. Disability

    Lisa D. Powell

    10. Privilege and Power

    Laura M. Hartman and Kevin J. O'Brien

    Part III: Issues

    11. Climate Change

    Laurel Kearns

    12. Animals: Community Hope and Community Liberation

    Sarah Withrow King

    13. Vegetarianism, Religion, and Food

    Catherine L. Newell

    14. Energy

    Terra Schwerin Rowe

    15. Justice Otherwise

    Nicole Hoskins

    16. Extinction

    Stefan Skrimshire

    17. Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity

    Maria Nita

    18. Politics

    Emma Tomalin

    19. Place

    Brian G. Campbell

    20. Canceling the Apocalypse: Defiant Hope as a Call to Action in the Climate Era

    Sarah McFarland Taylor



    Whitney A. Bauman is Professor of Religious Studies at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida, USA.

    Richard Bohannon is Associate Professor of Individualized and Interdisciplinary Studies at Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.

    Kevin J. O’Brien is Professor of Religion at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, USA.