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Groundwater Intensive Use IAH Selected Papers on Hydrogeology 7

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    Intensive use of groundwater has resolved the demand for drinking water and, through irrigation, has contributed to the eradication of malnourishment in many developing countries. The spectacular worldwide increase in groundwater use in the last decades, especially in arid and semi-arid regions, has been a silent revolution carried out by millions of small farmers. In some instances, groundwater abstraction has caused problems of quality degradation, excessive drawdown of groundwater levels, land subsidence, reduction of spring and baseflows or degradation of groundwater-dependent ecosystems. Most of these problems could be anticipated, mitigated, or even avoided with more active water agencies, adequate regulations and users’ participation in management. Groundwater Intensive Use contains a selection of papers presented at a symposium held in December 2002 in Valencia, Spain. It constitutes a step forward in creating a greater worldwide awareness of the relevance of groundwater in water resources policy. The book presents new ideas and accounts of recent advances in technical, economic, legal, administrative and political issues. It addresses groundwater development to ecosystems sustainability, through different or complementary approaches. A wide series of case studies from North and South America, Europe, South Asia and North and Sub-Saharan Africa cover the various issues. These case studies represent countries with a wide diversity of social circumstances, from areas in which development is emerging, to communities with a long history of successful groundwater use.


    Presentation IX

    E. Custodio

    Foreword XIII

    M. R. Llamas

    Sponsors XV


    Ethical issues in relation to intensive groundwater use 03

    M.R. Llamas and P. Martínez-Santos

    Governing the groundwater economy: comparative analysis of national institutions and policies in

    South Asia, China and Mexico 23

    T. Shah

    Socio-Ecology of groundwater irrigation in South Asia: an overview of issues and evidence 53

    A. Mukherji and T. Shah

    Legal issues of intensive use of groundwater 79

    A. Embid

    Intensive use of groundwater in the European Union Water Framework Directive 93

    J. Samper


    Making intensive use of groundwater more sustainable – key lessons from field experience 105

    S. Foster, H. Garduño, K. Kemper, A. Tuinhof and M. Nanni

    Aquifer overexploitation in Libya – the Gefara plain case 127

    O.M. Salem

    Lessons from intensively used transboundary river basin agreements for transboundary aquifers 137

    S. Puri, L. Gaines, A. Wolf and T. Jarvis

    Opportunities and challenges of intensive use of groundwater in Sub-Saharan Africa 147

    C. Colvin and B. Chipimpi

    Overview of the groundwater resources of Canada 157

    A. Rivera and M. Nastev

    Intensive use of groundwater in Latin America 167

    E.M. Bocanegra

    Intensive use of aquifers by mining activity in Northern Chile 177

    O. Acosta

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    The impact of intense urban and mine abstraction of water on groundwater resources of the

    regional Triassic aquifer systems (Southern Poland) 189

    A. Kowalczyk

    Priority rights for nature: a true constraint on aquifer over-exploitation? 199

    E. Feitelson

    Effects of localised intensive aquifer exploitation on the Doñana wetlands (SW Spain) 209

    M. Manzano, E. Custodio, C. Mediavilla and C. Montes

    Poverty alleviation versus mass poisoning: the dilemma of groundwater irrigation in Bangladesh 221

    M. Mainuddin

    Fluoride contamination of groundwater in India – country update 237

    H.T. Chaturvedi, D. Chandrasekharam and A.A. Jalihal

    Impacts of increasing abstraction on groundwater quality in two areas of Southern Yemen 245

    J. Dottridge and P. Hardisty

    When intensive exploitation is a blessing: effects of ceasing intensive exploitation in the city of

    Barcelona 253

    E. Vázquez-Suñé, X. Sánchez-Vila, J. Carrera and R. Arandes

    Effect of intensive pumping of infiltrated water in the Plaça de la Vila parking lot in

    Sant Adrià del Besós (Barcelona, Spain) 261

    M. Ondiviela, E. Vázquez-Suñé, J. Nilsson, J. Carrera, X. Sánchez-Vila and J. Casas

    Predicting impacts of abstraction reduction for an aquifer with a century of exploitation 269

    M. Shepley

    Importance of hydrogeological modeling in the management of groundwater, a case study:

    the coast of Hermosillo Aquifer, Sonora, México 277

    M. Rangel-Medina, R. Monreal, M. Morales, J. Castillo and H. Valenzuela

    The analysis of the intensive use of groundwater in the Upper Guadiana Basin (Spain) using a

    numerical model 285

    L. Martínez Cortina and J. Cruces

    Evolution of groundwater intensive development in the coastal aquifer of Telde (Gran Canaria,

    Canarian archipelago, Spain) 295

    M.C. Cabrera and E. Custodio


    Water management issues related to aquifer intensive use 309

    E. Usunoff

    Groundwater depletion and its socio–ecological consequences in Sabarmati river basin, India 319

    M.D. Kumar, O.P. Singh and K. Singh

    Intensive use of groundwater in North Gujarat, India. Challenges and opportunities 331

    A.K. Sinha and R. Jain

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    The study on sustainable groundwater resources and environmental management for the Langat

    Basin in Basin in Malaysia 341

    S. Suratman


    Effective management of water resources in a region of intensive groundwater use: a lesson from

    Arizona’s Valley of the Sun 353

    M.R. Lluria

    Water resources management of an overexploited aquifer. The Adra-Campo de Dalías system,

    Almería, Spain 361

    A. Sahuquillo, J. Andreu, M. Pulido, J. Paredes, A. Sánchez, V. Pinilla and J. Capilla.

    Opportunities of conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water 371

    A. Rivera, A. Sahuquillo, J. Andreu and A. Mukherji


    Subject Index 387


    Andrés Sahuquillo, J. Capilla, Luis Martinez Cortina, X. Sanchez Vila