Groundwater in Fractured Rocks: IAH Selected Paper Series, volume 9, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Groundwater in Fractured Rocks

IAH Selected Paper Series, volume 9, 1st Edition

Edited by Jirí Krásný, John M. Sharp

CRC Press

658 pages

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The hydrogeologic environment of fractured rocks represents vital natural systems, examples of which occur on every continent. This book discusses key issues, methodologies and techniques in the hydrogeology of fractured rocks, summarizing recent progress and anticipating the outcome of future investigations. Forty-four revised and updated papers were selected from extended abstracts presented at the International Conference on Groundwater in Fractured Rocks, held in Prague in 2003 and these provide a valuable benchmark reference for studies in fractured rock hydrogeology worldwide. Topics include sustainable groundwater development, groundwater protection and management, new and improved approaches to the investigating hydrogeology of fractured systems, understanding of hydrogeologic properties both on local and regional scales, and both quantitative and qualitative aspects of groundwater flow and solute/contaminant transport.

Table of Contents

Preface by editors Jiri KRÁSNÝ and John SHARP

Introductory paper

KRÁSNÝ Jirí and SHARP John: Hydrogeology of fractured rocks from regional approaches to particular fractures: State-of-the-art and future challenges

Section 1. Hydrogeologic environment of fractured rocks

BARROCU Giovanni: Hydrogeology of granite rocks in Sardinia

BOCANEGRA Emilia and CARDOSO DA SILVA JR. Gerson: Groundwater exploitation of fractured rocks in South America.

BRAUCHLER R, SAUTER M, DIETRICH P, LEVEN C, MCDERMOTT C and TEUTSCH G: Hydrogeological characterisation of fractured porous rocks - The aquifer-analogue approach

BRITO NEVES Benjamim Bley De and ALBUQUERQUE José do Patrocinio Thomaz: Groundwater and tectonics - the diversity of crystalline aquifer system in semiarid Northeast Brazil

CHAMBEL António, DUQUE Jorge, NASCIMENTO João: Methodology used for mapping the hardrock aquifers of Alentejo region (South Portugal)

CUSTODIO Emilio: Hydrogeological similarities and differences between volcanic and hard rocks

DARKO Philip K and KRASNY Jiri: Regional transmissivity distribution and groundwater potential in hard rock of Ghana

FAILLACE Costantino: Hydrogeology of hard rocks in some Eastern and Western African countries


WATKINS David C.: Determining a representative hydraulic conductivity of the Carnmenellis Granite of Cornwall, UK, based on a range of sources of information

WINKLER Gerfried, KUPFERSBERGER Hans and STROBL Elmar: Estimating the change of fracture volume with depth at the Koralm Massif, Austria

Section 2. Conceptual models, groundwater flow and resources in fractured rocks

ALLEN Alistair, MILENIC Dejan: Fractured Old Red Sandstone Aquifers of the Cork Harbour region: Groundwater barriers between adjacent karstic systems

BRIGHENTI Giovanni and MACINI Paolo: Non-Darcy two-phase flow in fractured rocks

CONRAD Julian and ADAMS Shafick: GIS based assessment of groundwater recharge in the fractured rocks of Namaqualand, South Africa

HARIA Atul H. and SHAND Paul: Riparian groundwater as a major control on streamflow generation in upland Wales, UK: implications for surface water quality

ISSAR Arie S: The use of environmental isotopes to establish a hydrogeological conceptual model in a region with scarce data: The Table Mountain Group of South Africa as a case study¨

LOVE Andrew, SIMMONS Craig T, COOK Peter, HARRINGTON Glenn A, HERCZEG Andrew and HALIHAN Todd: Estimating Groundwater Flow Rates In Fractured Metasediments: Clare Valley, South Australia

Maréchal Jean-Christophe, Dewandel Benoît, Ahmed Shakeel and Lachassagne Patrick: Hard rock aquifers characterization prior to modelling at catchment scale : an application to India

MISSTEAR Bruce D R and FITZSIMONS Vincent P: Estimating groundwater recharge in fractured bedrock aquifers in Ireland using soil moisture budgeting and river baseflow analysis methods

Section 3. Groundwater quality in fractured rocks

BATH Adrian: Interpreting the evolution and stability of groundwaters in fractured rocks

FRENGSTAD Bjørn and BANKS David: Universal controls on the evolution of groundwater chemistry in crystalline bedrock: the evidence from empirical and theoretical studies

Gaut Sylvi, DAGESTAD Atle, Brattli Bjørge, Storrø Gaute: Factors influencing the microbiological quality of groundwater in Norwegian bedrock wells

LOURENÇO Carla and RIBEIRO Luís: Evaluating mineral water quality trends of Pedras Salgadas (Portugal)

MARQUES José M., Andrade Mário, Carreira Paula M., Graça Rui C. and Aires-Barros Luís: Questions and answers about the evolution of CO2-rich thermomineral waters from Hercynian granitic rocks (N-Portugal): a review

MORGAN Karina and Jankowski Jerzy: Origin of Salinity in a Fractured Bedrock Aquifer in the Central West Region of NSW, Australia

PALCSU László, SVINGOR Éva, MOLNÁR Mihály, SZÁNTÓ Zsuzsanna, FUTÓ István, RINYU László, HORVÁTH István, TÓTH György and FÓRIZS István: Isotope studies of a groundwater-flow system in granite, Middle Hungary

SHAND Paul, HARIA Atul and DARBYSHIRE D P Fiona: Chemical stratification of groundwater in the riparian zone and lower hill slopes of an upland fractured bedrock aquifer

TRÖGER Uwe: Thermal water springs in Central Brazil under special consideration of the thermal aquifer and the springs of the Serra de Caldas Area in Goias

Section 4. Investigation and interpretation methods in fractured environment

CARNEIRO Júlio F.: Probabilistic delineation of groundwater protection zones in fractured rock aquifers

KOSKINEN Lasse and ROUHIAINEN Pekka: Interconnected flow measurement between boreholes using a borehole flowmeter

LODS Gerard and GOUZE Philippe: New analysis of pump tests in fissured aquifers

MOECK Inga, DUSSEL Michael, TROEGER Uwe and SCHANDELMEIER Heinz: Fracture networks in Jurassic carbonate rock of the Algarve Basin (South Portugal): Implications for aquifer behaviour related to the recent stress field

Section 5. Anthropogenic impacts on fractured environment

FOURNO André, GRENIER Christophe, DELAY Frederick and BENABDERRAHMANE Hakim: Development and Qualification of a Smeared Fracture Modelling Approach for Transfers in Fractured Media

LOEW Simon, LUETZENKIRCHEN Volker, OFTERDINGER Ulrich, ZANGERL Christian and EBERHARDT Erik: Environmental impacts of tunnels in fractured crystalline rocks of the Central Alps

PAUL Michael, GENGNAGEL Manfred and ECKART Michael: Groundwater modelling approaches as planning tools for WISMUT’s remediation activities at the Ronneburg uranium mining site

RUDOLPH-LUND Kim, MYRVOLL Frank, SKURTVEIT Elin and ENGENE Bjarne: Active groundwater monitoring and remediation during tunnelling through fractured bedrock under urban areas

Section 6. Numerical modelling of fractured environment

Beyer Matthias and Mohrlok Ulf: A double continuum approach for determining contaminant transport in fractured porous media

BLUM Philipp, MACKAY Rae and RILEY Michael S: Coupled Hydro-Mechanical Modelling of Flow in Fractured Rock

FAHRENHOLZ C, FEIN E and BREWITZ W: Hydrogeological Modelling and Performance Assessment -Hydrogeological Groundwater Models for Site Selection and Site Exploration for Underground Repositories in Crystalline Rock

GARNER Terence T., PHYU Thandar, ROBINSON Neville I and SHARP John M, Jr: Sensitivity of fracture skin properties on solute transport and back diffusion in fractured media

LE BORGNE T, BOUR O, DE DREUZY J R and DAVY P: Characterizing flow in natural fracture networks: Comparison of the discrete and continuous descriptions

MOURI Sassan and HALIHAN Todd: Averaging hydraulic conductivity in heterogeneous fractures and layered aquifers

NOIRIEL Catherine, GOUZE Philippe and MADÉ Benoît: Time-resolved 3D characterisation of flow and dissolution patterns in a single rough-walled fracture

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