1st Edition

Group Analysis: Working with Staff, Teams and Organizations

Edited By Aleksandra Novakovic, David Vincent Copyright 2019
    246 Pages
    by Routledge

    246 Pages
    by Routledge

    Featuring contributions from a range of organizational contexts, Group Analysis: Working with Staff, Teams and Organizations identifies the key features to group analytic practice as well as how different theoretical orientations, such as Systemic and Tavistock Consultancy approaches, can be incorporated into the process.

    The book addresses two essential features of group analysis: the exploration of unconscious dynamics in groups, and the shifts of observational attention between the group as a whole, the individual in the group, and the group in the individual. Including perspectives from both organizational consultancy and reflective practice, chapters feature analysis with groups and subgroups in a range of settings, including a forensic psychiatric hospital, a children’s hospice, an Anglican religious community and the management team of a global organization.

    Group Analysis: Working with Staff, Teams and Organizations is a major contribution to the developing literature on group analysis. It will be of great interest to psychotherapists, organizational consultants, facilitators of reflective practice groups, coaches, trainees in these disciplines, and any professionals who work with staff, teams, and organizations.

    Series Editor’s Preface

    About the Editors and Contributors


    Part I

    Chapter 1

    Tavistock Consultancy Approaches, Systemic Practice, and the Group Analytic Approach in Work with Staff, Staff Teams, and Organizations


    Tavistock Approaches to Consulting with Teams and OrganizationsRichard Morgan-Jones

    Systemic Practice to Work with Staff, Teams, and OrganizationsMartin Miksits

    A Group Analytic Approach to Work with Staff Teams and Organizations: A Contextual FrameworkChristine Oliver

    Commentary on Systemic, Tavistock, and Group Analytic ApproachesChristine Oliver

    Chapter 2

    Tavistock Consultancy, Systems Centred, and Group Analytic Perspectives on a Community Meeting on an Acute Psychiatric Ward


    Ward observation

    Commentary I

    Tavistock Consultancy PerspectiveJulian Lousada

    Commentary II

    Systems-Centered® Consultancy PerspectiveRay Haddock

    Commentary III

    A Group Analytic PerspectiveDavid Kennard

    Part IIChapter 3

    "How did you get here from there?": Psychosis, Stigma, and the Counter TransferenceDavid Vincent

    Chapter 4

    Working Between Worlds of ExperiencePeter Wilson

    Chapter 5

    What Makes a Staff Support Group (Un)safeDavid Kennard

    Chapter 6

    Consulting to Doctors in General Practice: "Don’t talk to me about work" Cynthia Rogers

    Chapter 7

    Reflective Practice Groups – A Hall of MirrorsSue Einhorn

    Chapter 8

    Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable: Reflective Practice in Anxious TimesIan Simpson

    Chapter 9

    Resistance to Reflective Practice – an Anti-Group PerspectiveMorris NitsunChapter 10

    Discovering the Unconscious Patterns of a National Culture through a Large Group of Psychotherapists and Group Analysts in Finland: An Application of Group Analysis in an Organizational ContextGerhard Wilke

    Part III

    CHAPTER 11

    The Group as a Whole, the Individual in the Group, and the Group in the IndividualAleksandra Novakovic


    Aleksandra Novakovic is a psychoanalyst and group analyst. She was a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the Adult Psychology Service, and Joint Head of the Inpatient & Community Psychology Service, Barnet, Enfield & Haringey Mental Health Trust. She has worked at Tavistock Relationships and on the IGA Diploma Course in Reflective Practice in Organisations. Currently she teaches for the British Psychoanalytic Association and is a Consultant Visiting Lecturer and supervisor at Tavistock Relationships. She co-edited with David Bell a book on psychotic processes (Karnac, 2013), edited Couple Dynamics (Karnac, 2015), and co-edited Couple Stories with Marguerite Reid (Routledge, 2018).

    David Vincent trained as a group analyst at the Institute of Group Analysis, and as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist at the British Association of Psychotherapists. He is an IPT therapist and supervisor, and worked for many years in the NHS, retiring as a Consultant Adult Psychotherapist from Forest House Psychotherapy Clinic. He has also worked for University College Hospital Drug Dependence Unit, MEDNET and Camden Psychotherapy Unit, and in private practice. He was Chair of the IGA from 2000–2005, and Chair of Ethics for the British Psychoanalytic Council from 2012–2016, and is now a retired member of the IGA and the BPF.

     "The distinguished authors of the papers in this collection bring into focus a distinctively group analytic approach to working with staff, teams and organisations. Novakovic and Vincent carefully locate the group analytic in the context of the Tavistock and Systemic approaches to such work. This is a much needed and original contribution to field of applied group analysis and key reading for students and professionals." --Sarah Tucker, National Director of Training, IGA

    "This book is a searching view of various ways of working with the dynamics of professionals. Not only is stress in teams a neglected priority, but knowledge about such stress needs to be held within the teams themselves. These Chapters join three traditions; that of Foulkes and the Institute of Group Analysis, as it encounters the Group Relations Tavistock and Systemic approaches. The result is not seamless, but it is an essential synthetic aim to be tackled, by writers now several generations after the founders at Northfield in WW2. The interweaving of the many ideas, complimenting and conflicting with each other, should not be missed." --Bob Hinshelwood, Professor Emeritus, University of Essex