1st Edition

Growing Free A Manual for Survivors of Domestic Violence

By Wendy Deaton, Michael Hertica Copyright 2001

    Break the pattern of abuse--safely!

    Battered women often become so frightened, isolated, and self-doubting that they don't recognize they are being victimized. They may minimize the seriousness of the abuse and make excuses for the abuser. The checklists, questionnaires, and personal stories in Growing Free can provide the shock of recognition they need to be able to say, “This is wrong. It has to end.”

    Combining psychological insight with practical safety information, Growing Free helps the reader to understand--and end--the vicious cycle of wooing, tension, violence, and remorse that characterizes all levels of domestic violence. It outlines a series of steps abused women can take to ensure their emotional and physical safety. Growing Free offers both practical and psychological resources, including:

    • lists of abusive behaviors from ridiculing family members to physical violence
    • common rationalizations for abuse used by both victims and perpetrator
    • detailed discussions of protection orders and other legal matters
    • detailed preparations and safety precautions that may make leaving less dangerous
    • advice on what to take with you when you leave
    • guidelines for establishing safe relationships in the future
    Growing Free provides readers with a straightforward, action-oriented approach to the problem of domestic violence. A companion volume available separately, A Therapist's Guide to Growing Free, offers therapists a comprehensive outline of the issues, tasks, and goals involved in treatment with victims and survivors.

    • Chapter 1. Is It Me?
    • What is Domestic Violence?
    • Definitions of Violence in Relationships
    • Accepting Where You Are
    • Chapter 2. Effects of Domestic Violence on the Victim
    • Elements of the Dysfunctional Relationship
    • Cycle of Violence
    • Chapter 3. Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
    • How Children Develop under Stress
    • Chapter 4. The Batterer
    • Chapter 5. What You Can Do
    • Safety Plans
    • Chapter 6. After You Leave
    • Building a Relationship with Yourself
    • Building a Relationship with Someone Else
    • Your Children
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Wendy Susan Deaton, Michael Hertica