1st Edition

Growing Pains A Study of Teenage Distress

By Edna M. Irwin Copyright 1978
    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    324 Pages
    by Routledge

    First Published in 1978. Working with adolescents is never easy, as any school teacher will confirm. Working with psychiatrically-disturbed adolescents is a highly complex and demanding task, which requires a certain type of dedication which relatively few people possess. This is true of all the personnel concerned, whether they be from psychiatric. social work. nursing or other disciplines. People who can work successfully with the disturbed adolescent are, therefore, a highly selected group and the group is quite a small one. However, although their numbers are small, their work is very important. This is a fairly new field and it is one about which people, either professional or lay, know very little. Therefore, it seems right to illumine this area for the non-specialist and this is what Dr. Irwin has set out to do in this book.

    Part 1 Normal development: nature and nurture; the developmental task of adolescence. Part 2 Deviation in adolescence: presentation, classification, diagnosis and epidemiology relating to adolescence; schizophrenia; affective illness; self-harm in adolescence; drug abuse; developmental disorders; conduct disorders and juvenile delinquency; personality disorders; emotional or neurotic disorders; persistent non-attendance at school; anorexia nervosa; sexual problems in adolescence; the handicapped adolescent. Part 3 Treatment and management of the disturbed adolescent: the first interview and principles of treatment; physical methods of treatment in adolescent psychiatry; psychological methods of treatment in adolescent psychiatry; social intervention and residential provision in adolescence; the adolescent in-patient; conclusion.


    Edna M. Irwin Consultant Psychiatrist Hollymoor Hospital, Birmingham