1st Edition

Growing Up Green Problem-Based Investigations in Ecology and Sustainability for Young Learners in STEM (Grades K-2)

By Stephen T. Schroth, Janese Daniels Copyright 2021
    158 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Growing Up Green allows young students (grades K-2) to build critical and creative thinking skills, while also improving skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The book:

    • Includes 10 problem-based investigations that explore sustainability and environmental concerns.
    • Covers topics such as reducing one's carbon footprint, developing green manufacturing processes, initiating a recycling program, and more.
    • Is perfect for general education classrooms, single- or multi-grade gifted classrooms, or pull-out programs.
    • Features crosscurricular connections.
    • Includes a list of apps, websites, and books that can be used to increase students' understanding and curiosity.

    Each investigation includes comprehensive teacher instructions, ideas for differentiation, hands-on student activities, reproducible student resources, reflection opportunities, and assessment options. The engaging investigations guide learners through the process of identifying problems, developing research questions, gathering and analyzing data, developing possible solutions, and disseminating information to others.

    Grades K-2

    Introduction INVESTIGATION 1 Taking Inventory of Our Resources Creating an Environmental Impact Statement INVESTIGATION 2 Advocating for Change Interacting With Government Decision Makers INVESTIGATION 3 Making a Change Tracking and Reducing One’s Carbon Footprint INVESTIGATION 4 System Thinking Green Manufacturing Processes INVESTIGATION 5 Raising Awareness of the Environment Global Green Day INVESTIGATION 6 Everything Old Is New Again Initiating a Recycling Program INVESTIGATION 7 Reducing Car Emissions Using Mathematical Tools to Define Goals and Measure Success INVESTIGATION 8 Feast or Famine Tracking Weather Patterns INVESTIGATION 9 Systems, Habitats, and Change How Humans Affect Local Wildlife INVESTIGATION 10 Mapping Better Health Creating an Outdoor Exercise Park References Appendix A: Children’s Literature About Sustainability Appendix B: Useful Websites and Apps Appendix C: Standards for Sustainability Education About the Authors Common Core State Standards Alignment


    Stephen T. Schroth holds a Ph.D. in educational psychology/gifted education from the University of Virginia. Dr. Schroth is an associate professor of early childhood education at Towson University.

    Janese Daniels' research interests include family literacy practices, Head Start programs, at-risk families, and technology use in the early childhood classroom. Dr. Daniels began her career as a public school teacher in 1992. She has served children and families, trained teachers, and prepared college students to become effective educators for more than 25 years.

    Prufrock Press has once again has published a great work to assist educators just starting out or seasoned veterans in need of some new ideas. Not only for in service educators but would also serve the home school educator and educator in training at the College levels.,Lewie Dunn,Georgia Military College, 2/19/21