Growth Control During Cell Aging  book cover
1st Edition

Growth Control During Cell Aging

ISBN 9780849345807
Published September 30, 1989 by CRC Press
280 Pages

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Book Description

The purpose of this book is to provide information on senescent cells and why they are prevented from multiplying via cell division. It includes main sections on the nature of Go/1 transition, factors promoting the cell cycle traverse and avoiding the Go/1 arrest, and negative factors arresting the cell cycle traverse and promoting the stay in the Go/1 stage. Filled with illustrations and explanations, it collectively presents the mechanisms that control the cellular aging process. This reference is a must for anyone with special interests in the biological community, and specifically the field of gerontology.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION. POSITIVE CONTROL of CELL PROLIFERATION. The Regulation of Cell Senescence. Expression of Growth-Related Genes in Senescent Human Diploid Fibroblasts. Changes in Gene Expression during Senescence/Immortalization of Mouse Embryo Fibroblasts. Nuclear Responsiveness to Intracellular Signals in Normal and Senescent Lymphocytes. Activation Defects in T Cells from Old Mice. Age-Re-lated Differences in DNA Polymerase Alpha Specific Activity: Potential for Interaction in DNA Repair. Characterization of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen (PCNA), or Cyclin, as a Cellular Marker for S-Phase Cells.. NEGATIVE CONTROL of CELL PROLIFERATION. Cellular Senescence: The Result of a Genetic Program. Inhibitors of DNA Synthesis in Senescent and Quiescent Human Diploid Fibroblasts. Growth Control in Cultured 3T3 Fibroblasts: Molecular Properties of a Growth Regulatory Factor Isolated from Conditioned Medium. Programmed Gene Expressions Suggest Multiple Blocks to Replication during Cell Aging. GENERAL RELATED SUBJECTS. A Potential Role for Interspersed Repetitive Sequence Elements in Negative Growth Regulation. DNA Methylation, Maintenance CpG-Methylase, and Senescence. Finite Proliferative Capacity of Syrian Hamster Fetal and Adult Fibroblasts In Vitro: A Model System for the Analysis of the Cellular Basis of Aging. Cellular Factors Related to Cessation of Proliferation and Differentiation. Control of Muscle Differentiation by Mitogen: A Rationale for Multiple Restriction Points in the Cell Cycle. SUMMARY. Index.

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