1st Edition

Growth, Decline, and Regeneration in Large Cities A Case Study Approach

By Steven G. Koven, Andrea C. Koven Copyright 2018
    230 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    230 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Growth, Decline, and Regeneration in Large Cities sheds light on why some cities prosper, others implode, and still others are able to reverse their downward trajectories. The book focuses on four major case studies of American metropolitan areas: Detroit, Boston, Minneapolis, and Austin. It explores how distinctive political and cultural forces in these cities affected economic growth or decline. Theoretical frameworks to explain economic development in urban areas are identified. The book addresses important subjects such as response to deindustrialization, disruption caused by gentrification, globalization, and the importance of human capital for economic development.

    Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: The Narrative of Decline: Detroit Chapter 3: The Narrative of Revitalization: Boston Chapter 4: The Narrative of Revitalization: Minneapolis Chapter 5: The Narrative of Growth: Austin Chapter 6: Globalization and American Cities Chapter 7: Conclusions




    Steven G. Koven is Professor in the Department of Urban & Public Affairs at the University of Louisville.

    Andrea C. Koven is Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the University of Louisville.

    Koven and Koven provide a uniquely comprehensive perspective on economic development in cities. Going beyond the traditional theories of economic development, they bring to bear the many forces, internal and external, that play a role in the growth, decline, and revitalization of U.S. urban areas, effectively demonstrating these in action through the engaging explication of four well-chosen case studies.

    --Thomas S. Lyons, Professor and Director, Product Center Food-Ag-Bio, Michigan State University

    An excellent compendium of the broad array of theories of urban growth and economic development frames in-depth examinations of four selected cases--their development trajectories, population characteristics, leadership, and culture--to analyze place-based manifestations of globalization and economic restructuring and the role of public policy.

    --Cynthia Negrey, Professor, Sociology, University of Louisville

    The Kovens’ enlightening case studies of development, decline, and resurgence in four United States cities present major insights into the roles of local culture, entrepreneurship, and flexibility in adapting to the changing economic, demographic, and political challenges posed by the creative destruction of capitalism in the era of globalization.

    --Mack Shelley, University Professor and Chair, Political Science, Iowa State University

    The Koven’s have produced a brilliant book on urban decline and regeneration with insights about the dynamics of how and why of modern day cities. The writing is sharp and clear in providing lessons for city leaders on making cities prosperous and equitable for all. A pleasure to read that goes against conventional wisdom.  

    --John "Hans" Gilderbloom, Director, Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods, University of Louisville

    The book highlights the economic development challenge facing large cities and what they can actually do about it. Clear and well-written, it is one of the few examples of university scholarship that has immediate utility for economic development officials in state and local government. The case study format also lends itself to giving students the tools to undertake their own analysis and flip the classroom.

    --Ronald K. Vogel, Professor, Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University