1st Edition

Growth In Childhood

By Terence J Wilkin Copyright 1989

    First Published in 1989 this is a collection of essays based on a series of lectures given at a symposium held at the University of Southampton Medical School from eight experts in the field of growth failure.  Interest in growth hormone, its regulation and its therapeutic use has grown enormously since the introduction of genetically engineered growth hormone in 1985. The very pratcial probelms of measuring growth, the physiology of growth failure and its epidemiology are followed by a richly illustrated chapter on the spectrum of diseases assciated with short stature and an expert with extensive experience in the field looks at the application of growth hormone therapy. 

    Growth measurement, John Buckler; the physiology of growth hormone regulation, Richard Ross and Michael Besser; epidemiology of growth failure, Michael Parkin; the clinical spectrum, Peter Betts; growth hormone therapy, Charles Brook; growth at puberty, Martin Savage; human growth hormone - its current implications and future applications, Brian Gennery and Stephen Wise; growth hormone - a consumer's viewpoint, Tam Fry.


    Terence J. Wilkin Reader in Endocrinology, Department of Medicine II, University of Southampton, UK