Growth Regulation and Carcinogenesis : Volume 2 book cover
1st Edition

Growth Regulation and Carcinogenesis
Volume 2

ISBN 9781315893211
Published December 12, 2017 by CRC Press
366 Pages

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Book Description

Growth Regulation and Carcinogenesis discusses topics such as growth factors, including stimulators and inhibitors of proliferation; networks in proliferation regulation; differentiation-inducing factors; origins of neoplasia and their relationship to growth control; genetic alterations in cellular regulatory machinery; extrachromosomal phenomena; non-genotoxic carcinogens; immortalization and transformation of cells; and the role of cell production, cell function, and cell elimination in physiological growth control.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Growth Regulation 1. The Cyclin (PCNA) Probe of the Cell Cycle 2. Cyclin (PCNA): A Ubiquitous Cell Cycle Regulated Protein with a Role in DNA Replication 3. Signals for Nuclear Localization in PDGF-Related Proteins 4. The Role of Growth Factors in Normal and Leukemic Myeloid Blood Cell Production 5. Clinical Utility of Hematopoietic Growth Factors 6. Lymphocyte Surface Molecules Alter Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Growth 7. Role of Cell Surface-Associated Molecules in Normal and Malignant Cell Proliferation 8. Protooncogene Expression in Normal, Preleukemic, and Leukemic Cells and Its Relationship to Differentiation and Proliferation 9. Stimulation of Anchorage-Independent Growth of Human Tumor Cells by Macrophages 10. Regulation of Cancer Cell Growth by Inflammatory Products 11. Function of Gangliosides in Cellular Proliferation 12. Novel Regulation of Cell Growth by Endogenous Gangliosides 13. The Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-Transforming Growth Factor Alpha Autocrine Cycle 14. Autocrine Regulation in Human Pancreatic Cancer 15. Molecular Basis for Plasminogen Activation, Surface Proteolysis, and Their Relation to Cancer 16. Specificity and Properties of the Human Urokinase Receptor 17. Multiple-Step Regulation of S6 Phosphorylation by a Protein Kinase and Phosphatase 18. Beyond the S6 Kinase and S6 Phosphatase 19. Glandular Kallikreins as Growth Factor Processing Enzymes 20. Modulation of Growth Factor Action by TPA and Non-TPA-Type Tumor Promoters 21. Growth Factors and Signal Transduction Involving Inositol Lipids. DIFFERENTIATION, TISSUE Part 2: Interactions 1. Morphogenesis of the Mesoderm in Early Avian Development: Sequential Phenotypic Transformation 2. Positional Instability in Early Development and Cancer 3. Anticancer Activity: A Review of Experimental and Clinical Studies 4. Anticancer Activity Induced by Cellular Differentiation 5. Contributions with Regard to Stromal Alterations in Carcinogenesis 6. Current Views on the Active Involvement of Connective Tissue in Carcinogenesis 7. Tissue Sizing: A Community Control of Neoplastic Growth 8. A Microenvironmental Model of Mammalian Cell Cycle Variability 9. Cell Death by Apoptosis: Significance for Regulation of Homeostatis of Cell Number and its Disturbance during Cancer Development

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