1st Edition

Guide To Software Export: A Handbook For International Software Sales

By Roger A Philips Copyright 1998

    An ideal reference source for CEOs, marketing and sales managers, sales consultants, and students of international marketing, Guide to Software Export provides a step-by-step approach to initiating or expanding international software sales. It teaches you how to examine critically your candidate product for exportability; how to find distributors, agents, and resellers abroad; how to identify the best distribution structure for export; and much, much more!

    Not content with providing just the guidelines for setting up, expanding, and managing your international sales channels, Guide to Software Export advises you on pitfalls to avoid, important legal and financial considerations associated with software export, and essential market and distribution information. In an effort to cover all the bases, this comprehensive text also discusses:

    • negotiating partnerships
    • electronic marketing
    • evaluating the competition
    • cultural assumptions and biases
    • adapting software for use in Asian markets
    • information sources on the Internet
    • distribution channel strategies

      If you’re not satisfied with your company’s international sales performance or you want to get into the global market, Guide to Software Export can help you guide your company through the transition. With the book’s easy-to-follow advice and checkpoints, you are sure to bring new levels of success to your company, so act now and get out in the forefront of software exporting.

    Contents Your International Potential
    • Global Marketing Approaches
    • Selecting Target Country Markets
    • Market Entry Strategy
    • Electronic Export and Marketing on the Internet
    • Managing the Channel
    • Appendix 1: Characteristics of the International Company
    • Appendix 2: Case Study
    • Appendix 3: Sample Distribution Agreement
    • Appendix 4: International Travel Tips
    • Appendix 5: Internet Resource Guide
    • Appendix 6: Checklist When Writing for an International Audience
    • Bibliography
    • Index


    Philips, Roger A.