1st Edition

Guide to Business Information on Russia, the NIS and the Baltic States

By Tania Konn Copyright 2001
    316 Pages
    by Routledge

    by Routledge

    This guide is an introduction to English language sources, in electronic and print form, dealing with business issues in Russia, the NIS and the Baltic States. It gives evaluative descriptions and costs of all listed sources, concentrating on recent sources. Sources of information on some of these countries can be difficult to locate, and the author gives guidance on how to go about finding them.
    Contents: Under each country, information sources are grouped in broad categories: Overview (sources designed to answer general, exploratory, country and regional questions, e.g. population, politics, how to do business etc); Current developments (e.g. recent changes in tax and other laws, trends in foreign direct investment, latest project tenders); Companies and contacts; Industries and services; Legislation; Organisations (a listing of agencies and bodies able to provide assistance, information and data to business people).

    Introduction; Chapter 1 General; Chapter 2 Armenia; Chapter 3 Azerbaijan; Chapter 4 The Baltic States; Chapter 5 Belarus; Chapter 6 Central Asia and Transcaucasia; Chapter 7 Estonia; Chapter 8 Georgia; Chapter 9 Kazakhstan; Chapter 10 Kyrgyz Republic; Chapter 11 Latvia; Chapter 12 Lithuania; Chapter 13 Moldova; Chapter 14 Russian Federation; Chapter 15 Tajikistan; Chapter 16 Turkmenistan; Chapter 17 Ukraine; Chapter 18 Uzbekistan;


    Tania Konn