3rd Edition

Guide to Electric Power Generation, Third Edition

By K.D. Smalling, Anthony J. Pansini Copyright 2005
    ISBN 9780849395116
    286 Pages
    Published November 3, 2005 by River Publishers

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    ISBN 9781003151272
    269 Pages
    Published November 26, 2020 by River Publishers

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    This fully illustrated reference brings you detailed coverage of the full spectrum of equipment and processes used in the production of electricity, from the basics of energy conversion, to prime movers, generators, and boilers. The reader will find much useful information on the characteristics of fuels, including coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear and others, along with proper methods for handling them and their residues. Also extensively covered are internal combustion engines, steam turbines, and reciprocating steam engines. Feedwater treatment, ash removal reliability, operation and maintenance considerations are all examined in detail. The second edition expands coverage of gasification of coal, gas turbines and effective use of generation in place of efficiency measures.

    Introduction. Planning and Development of Electric Power Stations. Electric Power Generation.
    Fuel Handling. Boilers. Prime Movers. Generators. Operation and Maintenance. Environment and Conservation.

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