1st Edition

Guide to Forensic Pathology

By Jay Dix, Robert Calaluce Copyright 1998
    266 Pages
    by CRC Press

    272 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Guide to Forensic Pathology provides a concise overview of forensic pathology to those who wish to know the basics but lack formal forensic training. Both fascinating and practical, this book explains everything from who the experts are in death investigation and what their roles are to how effective testimonies are presented in court. The importance of forensic DNA testing is emphasized with a separate section in this timely reference guide.

    Experts Encountered in Death Investigation
    Investigation and Autopsy
    Guidelines for the Death Scene Investigator Mary Fran Ernst
    Forensic Pathology
    Cause, Manner, and Mechanism of Death
    Time of Death, Decomposition, and Identification
    Sudden Natural Death
    Cutting and Stabbing
    Drugs and Alcohol
    Asphyxia and Drowning
    Electrical and Thermal and Exposure to Extreme Temperatures
    Blunt Trauma: General and Motor Vehicle-Pedestrian
    Blunt Head Trauma
    Pediatric Forensic Pathology
    Forensic DNA Testing
    DNA Structure
    Technical Considerations
    Statistical Basis for Interpretation
    Concluding Remarks
    Commonly Asked Questions
    Helpful Hints in Testifying
    Appendix A: Photographs
    Appendix B: Medical Terminology


    Dix, Jay

    "The range of conditions described emphasizes the massive combined experience of these authors, and the objective style of the text makes this an extremely valuable reference for every forensic pathologist and an excellent teaching medium for those who are working for their boards or other qualifications."
    - Journal of the Forensic Science Society

    "...An excellent presentation of gunshot injuries including an abundance of information regarding weapons and ammunition...an absolute necessity within the library of any individual who deals with gunshot injuries."
    - Irvin M. Sopher, M.D.
    Chief Medical Examiner, State of West Virginia